Red Cat Holdings Subsidiary Fat Shark to Launch Innovative Dominator Drone FPV Goggle

Red Cat Holdings, Inc., a hardware-enabled software provider to the drone industry, announces that its Fat Shark subsidiary will launch a new FPV (first-person viewer) drone headset – the Dominator. The Dominator is a low-latency, 1080p digital goggle with an extended flight range over existing systems. Dominator headsets and systems will be available for pre-orders soon and are expected to start shipping in June.

“Joining Red Cat has given the Fat Shark team the opportunity and resources to build an incredible next-generation FPV headset. The Dominator is the first in a line of new products that should help keep Fat Shark and Red Cat on the frontline of innovation in the drone industry,” commented Fat Shark founder Greg French.

The first public demonstration of the Dominator will be at Rotor Riot RAMPAGE 2022 in Barnwell, South Carolina from May 14-16, 2022. Rotor Riot RAMPAGE 2022 is an immersive weekend festival on a 750-acre property with freestyle drone flying as the primary theme and will feature well-known drone pilots like Le Drib, Bubby FPV, Vort3x, and Nurk, among others.

“Fat Shark, an American-owned company, has designed and engineered a game-changing goggle that will enable fantastic advancements in the drone industry. The new Dominator goggle brings a huge leap in performance, and we believe it will be well received in the marketplace and drive our revenue growth in the next few quarters,” added Red Cat CEO Jeff Thompson.

About Red Cat Holdings, Inc.
Red Cat provides drone-based products, services, and solutions through its five subsidiaries and services the enterprise, military, and consumer markets. Teal Drones is a leader in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and its Golden Eagle is one of only five drones approved by the Department of Defense for reconnaissance, public safety, and inspection applications. Skypersonic’s technology enables drones to complete inspection services in locations where GPS is not available, yet still record and transmit data even while being operated from thousands of miles away. Fat Shark is a leading provider of First Person View (FPV) video goggles. Rotor Riot, LLC is a reseller of FPV drones and equipment, primarily to the consumer marketplace. Learn more at

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