PABLO AIR Continuously Expands Its Drone Delivery Service in Global Market

PABLO AIR (CEO Kim Young-Joon) is developing a suitable business model to comply with US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, expanding the drone delivery network across the United States, and promoting logistics and medical drone delivery services starting in New York State.

In January of 2022, PABLO AIR signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research (NUAIR) to collaborate on the development of American produced unmanned aerial vehicle solutions, authorizing Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations within 50-mile corridors of NUAIR’s test site in New York state.

PABLO AIR, a drone solution company founded in 2018, is developing its two flagship drones, BlueBird and BigBird. BlueBird is a long-distance drone that can fly for up to 100 minutes or 120km with a load of less than 3kg. BigBird is a short-distance drone that can fly for up to 25 minutes or 15km with a load of less than 10kg.

PABLO AIR’s potential main business is not only drone delivery service but also the ground control system itself and platform service provision. PABLO AIR Mobility Network (PAMNet) is a platform software with a web-based ground control system composed of technologies that support 1:N multi-collision avoidance, automatic optimization of flight paths, multiple & diverse types of concurrent control, and cross-platform control. PABLO AIR also conducts aerial photography and drone shows which control drones utilizing its advanced drone control system.

In June 2021, PABLO AIR International, Inc. was established in Arizona to discuss medical drone delivery services. It is an Arizona Department of Commerce’s Smart City partner and currently preparing for a drone delivery demonstration leading to an expansion of the delivery area. PABLO AIR also signed a partnership for a drone delivery business with National Technology Innovation Sandbox Malaysia (NTIS) during the same year, expanding to the United States, Korea, and Southeast Asia.

In the 3 years since its establishment, PABLO AIR has grown rapidly and shown significant performance. It has achieved a cumulative investment fund of 14 million USD, signing an investment attraction as well as an MOU with LX International in January 2022. In February, PABLO AIR participated as a sponsor at the 2022 Drone Show Korea, Korea’s largest drone exhibition.

In March, it was selected as a delivery service provider to perform Korea’s first urban drone delivery demonstration project in Incheon. This was organized under the drone Regulatory Sandbox business by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.

“We plan to showcase our unique technology in the global market by demonstrating drone logistics delivery and build up business in the United States as a Korean drone startup,” PABLO AIR CEO Kim Young-Joon said. “We will also continue to enhance the efficiency of various mobilities such as autonomous trucks, ground robots, etc., through continuous development in order to solve current difficulties associated with long-distance delivery and accessibility issues with logistics delivery systems.”

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