Taranis, DroneNerds and DJI to deploy the largest scale m300 drone operations to increase field yield

Taranis, a leading AgTech, AI-powered crop intelligence company is pleased to announce its extended partnership with Drone Nerds and DJI, bringing together the latest drone technology, large-scale operational efficiencies and disruptive AI technologies to generate precise and actionable insights for ag retailers, co-ops and farmers.

Taranis’ nation-wide network of Drone Service Providers (DSPs), utilize the world’s largest DJI Matrice 300 (DJI M300) fleet of drones for Taranis’ AI-powered precision scouting, producing millions of high-resolution, leaf-level images as well as wide-angle field images. The ability of the M300 drone to offer a richer picture of the fields, combined with its durability and simple-to-use interface, enables Taranis to deliver unparalleled operational scalability and quality of service for ag retailers in 15 US states in the upcoming and future ag seasons.

The unrivaled reliability of the drones supported by DroneNerds, combined with DroneNerds’ expertise and support, ensures Taranis’ network of DSPs continue to be successful in delivering the best service levels (SLAs) in the industry, and allowing them to operate an unmatched drone fleet across the US, with over 150 drone pilots.

“As Taranis continues to grow and serve millions of acres across the US, we had to ensure we have the right partners in place to deliver on our quality services at scale,” says Opher Flohr, COO and CFO at Taranis, “the collaboration with DroneNerds and the ability to use the cutting edge DJI m300 drones has been a cornerstone of our success in delivering the most timely, and actionable insights on to our customers.”

“We’re happy to partner with Taranis and DJI on one of largest drone operations in the agriculture industry,” comments Jeremy Schneiderman, CEO & Co-Founder at DroneNerds, “we are the largest provider of enterprise-class drones in North America, and our team has the experience and knowledge to support the needs in the coming season and beyond as Taranis continue to expand their customer base to hundreds of ag retailers and millions of acres”.

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