Skyway and Zing Operate First Drone Delivery in Orlando, Florida

Skyway and Zing Drone Delivery made Florida history with their latest partnership efforts. On Monday, April 25, 2022, at 3:30 pm EDT, both companies took flight for their first-ever product delivery to residents of Montverde, Florida. Recent construction on the Florida Turnpike and County Road 455 has extended the drive to the nearest shopping options from 10 minutes to 45 on a good day. Residents will be forced to make the commute for months until the construction’s estimated completion in early 2023. Frustrated by the commute, Montverde residents were in need of a faster way to receive goods on their side of the lake. 

Jeff Clark, a Montverde local, took it upon himself to reach out to Zing after hearing of their drone delivery service efforts in Florida. Zing brought its advanced delivery systems to the area in coordination with its strategic partners.

“The time savings vs. having to make a normal trip for take-out offers such a huge incentive for providers of this kind of service,” said Jeff Clark.” Add to that the efficiency and all-electric operation and it’s not hard to see this is the way of the future.”

To help deliver items for Jeff and his family, Skyway also initiated low-altitude weather services alongside its navigation services to ensure safe delivery. Skyway’s ever-growing development and collaboration with companies like TruWeather Solutions make such innovative features possible.

Zing and local food truck, Tacos El Carro, initiated services to bring Jeff Clark’s wish to life on Monday. Jeff and his family placed an order for tacos and waited for it to be flown in by a drone just minutes later. “It’s great to see local logistics services move into the third dimension by taking advantage of emerging technologies like drone delivery,” said Clark.

“We made drone history today here in Orlando,” said Skyway CEO and founder, Clifford Cruz. “This is just one of many service areas to come.” 

According to Cruz, Jeff’s family is the first of many. The company plans to expand operations throughout the Fort Lauderdale area and eventually the entire state of Florida. But food isn’t the only thing on the menu if you use their services. Skyway and Zing have plans to partner with businesses that provide everything from alcohol to prescribed medications. 

“Understanding the use case and operating drone services helps our company build better products,” Ian Annase, CEO and Founder of Zing, said. “This is just the beginning of a new frontier. Drone delivery is going to change the world and the lives of our customers.” 

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