Lucid Drone Technologies uses T-Mobile to operate commercial cleaning drones

T-Mobile announced today that Lucid Drone Technologies has appointed the carrier as the exclusive provider of IoT connectivity and management for its fleet of industrial spray drones. Lucid Drone Technologies and T-Mobile are partnering to get maintenance crews and exterior cleaning companies out of harm’s way by using drone technology for high-risk maintenance jobs like exterior cleaning and high-rise window washing. In addition, the companies plan to use T-Mobile’s industry-leading 5G network in the future to fly drones beyond line of sight and power high-data-consuming functions such as video streaming.

A breakthrough in maintenance crew safety

Commercial property managers and developers make significant investments to keep maintenance teams safe. Expensive liability insurance premiums and equipment costs are driving facility managers to seek new and cost-effective solutions. Join Lucid Drone Technologies, the pioneer in industrial spray drones, and the Un-Carrier to develop a new product: drones equipped for cleaning building exteriors and windows.

The next generation of industrial spray drones from Lucid Drone Technologies, operated by T-Mobile for Business, can perform exterior cleaning of surfaces and windows of commercial buildings, including outdoor stadiums and arenas, hotels and college buildings. That means maintenance teams can avoid some high-risk tasks and focus on other important tasks, increasing their security.

IoT powers the future of industrial spray drone technology

The T-Mobile network enables Lucid Drone Technologies’ industrial spray drones to share real-time flight data, battery usage information, hardware diagnostics, and provide firmware and software updates. In addition, Lucid Drone Technologies can use the T-Mobile Control Center to view and control the connectivity of its industrial spray drones. With the automation and delivery capabilities of T-Mobile’s IoT platform, Lucid Drone Technologies can easily accelerate the commissioning of its growing fleet. Lucid Drone Technologies will have near real-time visibility into all of its industrial spray drones because T-Mobile’s control center can monitor network conditions and device behavior.

Initially, T-Mobile for Business will provide 4G LTE connectivity for Lucid Drone Technologies’ industrial spray drones, providing reliable connectivity nationwide. Lucid Drone Technologies plans to soon deploy the Un carrier’s 5G network for advanced use cases such as network operations center access, live video streaming and remote piloting. As America’s largest and fastest 5G network, T-Mobile is poised to unlock the full potential of IoT and drive adoption – paving the way for new drone applications that rely on low latency, high-speed data, and location and… real-time location-based services.

“At Lucid Drone Technologies, we are committed to providing robotic solutions that enable our customers to do tasks that used to be tedious, messy and dangerous in a safer, faster and smarter way,” said Andrew Ashur, CEO of Lucid Drone Technologies . “With T-Mobile, not only can we offer our customers the highest quality of real-time support and connectivity, but the company also has impressive 5G capabilities that allow us to push the boundaries of responsible robotics.”

“Lucid Drone Technologies is an excellent example of a customer using originality and new technology to solve complicated problems,” said Callie Field, president, T-Mobile Business Group. “It’s not often you get to work with thought leaders like this and we’re thrilled to be able to offer our technology to help realize their visions.”

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