AdvisorShares Launches Drone Technology ETF

AdvisorShares, a leading sponsor of actively managed ETFs, announced that the AdvisorShares Drone Technology ETF (Ticker: UAV) begins trading today.

UAV provides dedicated investment exposure to the emerging commercial drone economy and its transformative technology, which includes unmanned aerial vehicles (commonly referred to as drones) and autonomous vehicles (AVs).

“We believe UAV provides an efficient and transparent way, via a single ETF trade, to gain dedicated exposure to this emerging growth opportunity,” said Noah Hamman, chief executive officer of AdvisorShares. “We feel UAV adds another compelling consideration to our thematic lineup for advisors and all investors.” 

UAV seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in the U.S.-listed equities of domestic and global companies believed to have dominant market positions with unique opportunities for growth and expansion in the drone and AV ecosystems. This includes companies of any market cap across a variety of industries that are, directly or indirectly, developing, researching, using, or providing support services or supplies related to drones or AVs. Some areas of drone usage and AV development include goods delivery, emergency services, self-driving vehicles, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, as well as military, agriculture, construction, energy, mining, and real estate applications.

“As technological innovation evolves, we believe that drone technology will accelerate further and establish itself as an investment growth opportunity with durable and sustainable characteristics,” said Dan Ahrens, managing director at AdvisorShares and portfolio manager of UAV. “Additionally, we feel its potential impact on select industries like transportation can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing mobility services once implemented only by commercial or industrial vehicles.”

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