Arctic Horizons Disrupts the Tactical UAV Industry with Revolutionary Defense Technology

 Arctic Horizons Inc., a defense company specializing in the tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market, has announced its Fundable campaign to attract and raise funds from accredited investors. The company aims to disrupt the conventional UAV market and lead the future of defense air support using its innovative technologies and solutions that enhance the performance of unmanned tactical drone systems.

Traditionally, military drones have been limited by the scarcity of essential products and technologies to support its flight capabilities. Arctic Horizons is infiltrating the market with innovative simulation technology that will speed up development, reduce costs, and reduce the size and weight of UAV systems for optimal flight dynamics.

Arctic Horizons’ nacelle tilt-rotor technology gives UAV motors two axes of freedom and allows them to tilt in any direction within a -25 to +25-degree angle. The company has developed a modular attachment system that enables the Piglet, its flagship product, to carry multiple payloads. The advantage of the tilt-rotor system is the ability to carry and aim heavier payloads such as firearms and sensors.

“It’s an exciting time for our company as we go to market for our first official raise through Fundable,” said Jared Burns, CEO of Arctic Horizons Inc. “Our mission is to secure the future interests and values of our northern allies by pushing boundaries at the forefront of innovation, science, and engineering. We will provide our defenders with the tools and capabilities that will allow them to operate safely and effectively.”

The aerospace venture offers commercialized, boutique defense and energy industry products along with drone and satellite alternatives such as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), providing military and defense clients with an active development environment and products that assist in their operations.

Arctic Horizons’ products are developed, visualized and tested in an in-house simulator environment prior to production. The company has developed novel robotic control and propulsion technologies that greatly enhance the performance and capabilities of UAV technology, opening opportunities for UAV applications previously infeasible.

Several militaries and research agencies around the world have endorsed Arctic Horizons’ technology and examined its applications for their defense sector, demonstrating the company’s early interest from key targets. Today’s defense industry budgets span hundreds of billions of dollars per year, with more than $14 billion reserved for UAV technologies.

The company is equipped to support military partners in the United States, Norway, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, the European Union, and Italy.

About Arctic Horizons Inc.
Arctic Horizons Inc. is an international team of experts in aeronautical, space and virtualization technologies, specializing in defense capabilities, UAVs, AI, and simulation systems. Based in Canada and Norway, Arctic Horizons develops and produces unmanned robotic platforms, modules, and sensory systems to support national defense and sovereignty.

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