How to Add Drone Surveying Equipment to Your Business with Microdrones

NY-Drone surveying equipment has become more prevalent in surveying, engineering,
and construction industries. Many businesses find themselves researching UAV solutions, costs,
operations, and workflows in order to keep up with the competition. They need to know what
is the best way to add drone surveying equipment to their business.

To help find the solution, Microdrones is hosting a special webinar: “How to Add Drone
Surveying Equipment to Your Business.” This presentation will answer questions and explain
how to complement traditional surveying methods by adding drone surveying equipment to
your toolbox.

Please CLICK HERE to watch now, On-Demand.

The main presenter for the webinar will be Matt Rosenbalm, the Northeast US sales manager. He’ll explain how the fully integrated systems from Microdrones offer powerful aerial surveying technology to enable you to work more efficiently, accurately, safely, and profitably with the combination of our unique mdInfinity software for data processing.

“I have a strong surveying and engineering background, having been in this industry for my entire career,” said Rosenbalm. “I know how this technology can fit into your workflow on a daily basis and help grow your business.”

Drone surveying equipment improves efficiencies, saving time and money, making drones an increasingly valuable tool for a variety of projects. Register for the webinar, “How to Add Drone Surveying Equipment to Your Business,” to find out how Microdrones is providing drone solutions with everything needed to do drone LiDAR and surveying the right way, with convenient and flexible pricing options.

We look forward to showing you how to get started with everything needed to use drones for complex surveying work.

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