What the Next-Generation Silent Drone Looks Like

Undefined Technologies, a Florida-based tech startup, has unveiled the new aesthetic design of its silent eVTOL drone powered by ion propulsion. The concept vehicle named “Silent Ventus™” uses proprietary technology to fully use the ion cloud surrounding the craft to generate high levels of ion thrust in atmospheric air.

“Silent Ventus™ is a vivid example of our intent of creating a sustainable, progressive, and less-noisy urban environment,” says Tomas Pribanic, Founder and CEO of Undefined Technologies. “The design brings us closer to our final product and enables us to showcase the dual-use of our technology.”

Currently, the company is working towards achieving longer flight times with noise levels below 70 decibels; the next mission flight is scheduled for next month.

In December 2021, the aircraft completed a major milestone achieving a significant increase in lifting power and mission time. The technology uses innovative physics, making it viable to use ion propulsion in atmospheric conditions with superior performance of up to 160% compared to current ion thruster technologies.

The breakthrough development creates a technical and commercial opportunity for using ion propulsion drones for various civil and military applications, including last-mile delivery and surveillance.

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