Budweiser X Zing Drone Delivery

Budweiser teamed up with Zing Drone Delivery during Miami Hack Week to bring together tradition and innovation, and create a high impact moment titled #IRLairdrop, a first-of-its-kind drone delivery of beer.

“When it comes to emerging technologies, there’s generally a lot of excitement, but with that comes a certain level of uncertainty. Collaborations like this get people excited and let them know the future is here,” says Lauren Tarpley, CMO of Zing Drone Delivery. “Letting people experience the capabilities of drone delivery firsthand is critical for acceptance and the successful integration of this technology into society.”

The #IRLairdrop brings awareness to the capabilities of emerging technologies and aligns with Anheuser-Busch’s objective to reduce its carbon footprint through its delivery network.

Anheuser-Busch has long been a pioneer and industry leader in supporting innovative technology in its transportation and delivery services to build a more sustainable network.

“The delivery market is rapidly evolving, and we’re excited to play a leadership role in shaping its future through partnerships with emerging technologies in the space,” said Rahul Batra, Director of eCommerce at Anheuser-Busch “We hope that these efforts will help contribute to our commitment of reducing our carbon footprint in addition to providing consumers with a quick and efficient way to receive their favorite products.”

Zing Drone Delivery is dramatically enhancing last mile delivery. Their platform, powered by autonomous flight software, provides everything needed to integrate drone delivery into a business model and take flight.

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