Epiq Solutions and WISPr Systems Collaborate on Revolutionary Drone-Based Scanning System for 4G/LTE and 5G Networks

Epiq Solutions, a leading provider of wireless sensing and detection systems, and WISPr Systems, a provider of complete, rugged drone systems for surveying and mapping, announced their collaboration on a new product that will transform 4G/LTE and 5G network deployment, test, and troubleshooting. Together, Epiq Solutions and WISPr Systems have developed a drone-based scanning solution that addresses the needs of telecom providers to rapidly survey and assess 4G/LTE and 5G networks and interference on a large scale not possible with typical walk and drive tests.

The new system uses Epiq Solutions’ PRiSM (Portable RF integrated Survey Module), a radically small spectrum analyzer and network scanner. PRiSM’s remarkably small size (measures 87 mm x 61 mm x 12 mm), weight (weighs less than six ounces), and power (requires only 3 watts while in use), make it ideal as a drone payload. When integrated into WISPr Systems Ranger Pro drones, PRiSM provides a wireless measurement multi-tool for use in:

  • Conducting a full scan of all wireless signals between 70 MHz and 6 GHz over large areas rapidly
  • Interference hunting at a large scale and at tower heights
  • Three-dimensional RF signal mapping and coverage assessment
  • Arena and building signal mapping
  • 5G mmWave anchor detection: ensuring proper configuration and coverage in front of MDUs
  • Disaster recovery: identifying and locating on-line systems
  • Private 4G/LTE CBRS network survey: determining identity and configuration of neighboring networks

WISPr Systems’ durable integrated unmanned aerial system (UAS) package supports autonomous surveys that can collect wireless measurements and inspection data over large and/or inaccessible areas. Data that can be captured includes RSRP, RSRQ, RSSI, SINR, band, channel, subcarrier spacing, beam, beam index, and MIB, which is all recorded during flight and stored in .csv or .json files. This allows conversion to .kml for analyzing results overlayed on a map. The Ranger Pro’s RTK and PPK compatibility ensures the highest possible positional accuracy of data points. Using a Ranger Pro series drone has been shown to cut down network testing time from three hours to five minutes, a time difference that reduces typical total testing costs by 20 percent.

“Epiq Solutions is excited to collaborate with WISPr Systems to combine our strengths to bring this new capability to market. Field technical organizations are deploying and maintaining wireless networks that are more complex than ever before, and this collaborative product will make them better at delivering for their customers,” said Epiq Solutions’ CEO John Orlando.

“With the innovative and reliable wireless technology provided by Epiq Solutions combined with WISPr Systems’ UAS platform, the sky is truly the limit for this system. Customers will be able to save time deploying and maintaining wireless networks and reaching places previously unreachable with this new wireless surveying solution,” said WISPr Systems’ CEO Conor Ferguson.

The PRiSM-enabled Ranger Pro drone is available now. To learn more about PRiSM-enabled Ranger Pro drones, contact sales@wisprsystems.com, or to get details on how PRiSM can work with your drone-mounted surveys, contact sales@epiqsolutions.com.

About Epiq Solutions
Epiq Solutions develops cutting edge RF tools that provide situational awareness and detailed insight into RF environments. With more than a decade serving government-focused industries, and more than 15,000 devices fielded, Epiq Solutions understands speed, cost, and performance for mission-critical applications. Our radically small, state-of-the-art software defined radio modules and turnkey RF sensing tools lead the way in minimizing size, weight, and power consumption. For more information regarding Epiq Solutions’ products and services, please visit epiqsolutions.com.

About Wispr Systems
Wispr Systems manufactures reliable and affordable U.S.-made, commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) with turnkey payload options for commercial operations. Wispr Systems supports various industries with our drones such as Telecommunications, Utilities, Public Safety, and more. Please visit wispersystems.com for more information.

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