Aerobits new products transponder TR-10 and interrogator TR-10i

Developing Aerobits offer to meet the needs of the aviation industry is our priority. That is why recently, we have focused on creating two products differing in the direction of action:

Mode A/C/S transponder TR-10 (Extended squitter)

Low power interrogator TR-10i (ADS-B In)

Both will be available as a final solution at the turn of Q3 and Q4 2022:

These devices are dedicated to a broad range of UAS in order to increase safety in the airspace. TR-10 and TR-10i are low-power products (RF output 10 Watt) which makes them suitable for use even on small drones, for which antennas separation of the telecommunication systems is difficult. The practical advantage of the products is that they have been designed with the guidelines of following standards: ED-102A, ED-73F, ED-14G.

Both solutions were created to accelerate the integration of UAS into the airspace. The operating range of the transponder TR-10 is approximately 25 kilometers, while the interrogator’s TR-10i operating range is about 10 kilometers.

Both devices will be available with options. The TR-10 with an external GNSS source will offer extended squitter functionality. However, the TR-10i Interrogator will also be available with ADS-B In. The USB Type-C connector allows quick configuration of the device, and additional communication
interfaces for simple integration.

A unique feature of transponder TR-10 and interrogator TR-10i is that they are designed with SWaP-C in mind. Both units are smaller than other currently available solutions on the market, which gives the advantage of using our products when we have a smaller assembly area and low payload capability.

To purchase both solutions, follow our website, where we will announce the official start of sales.

If you would like to ask about issues related to the products and more, please write an e-mail to the following address:

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