DroneTechnic launches Drone delivery training near Montreal

Drone delivery training will be offered for the first time in Canada this spring by DroneTechnic, only 30 minutes away from Montreal.

DroneTechnic – the first drone flight school in Canada to offer training programs from Visual Line-of-Sight (VLOS) to Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight Operations (BVLOS), just received permission from Transport Canada to add drone delivery operations on its curriculum, and to extend the boundaries of its test and training site to a distance of 20 km.

This spring, classes of five to eight students will be given the opportunity to develop the competence to perform legal and safe B2B and B2C aerial deliveries, without even having to land, due to a VTOL drone, controlled by 4G connectivity and equipped with a winch.

Founder and director of DroneTechnic, Michel Lizotte said he was “delighted that the competence to carry out such long range operations, which are innovative, contactless, ecological, and that simplify lives of many Canadians, can now be passed on to a new generation of pilots.”

While drone deliveries are common in United States suburbs (Wing, Zipline, Matternet, droneUp, Flirtey, Flytrex, Spright), in Canada they are, for the most part, limited to rural-isolated communities. However, Transport Canada is expected to standardize them in 2023, in low risk environments, paving the way for their proliferation.

A year ago DroneTechnic became the first drone flight school in Canada licensed to provide training on BVLOS low risk operations (long range surveillance, search and rescue, inspection and cartography). DroneTechnic is also the first to do so from test and training sites located only minutes away from Montreal’s international airport.

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