UMAV announces its lighter than air detachable drone is completing final avionics installation

UAV Corp announces the near completion of the new Lighter Than Air Detachable Drone “LTATDD SA-70” with the avionics installation in its final stage and integration of subsystems before flight. Over the past three years UAV Corp’s wholly owned subsidiary Skyborne Technology, Inc. has designed, developed and is currently completing the manufacturing of innovative technology to provide disaster relief, communications, agriculture assessment, public safety, defense and other functions for domestic and international customers. The LTATDD SA-70 semirigid structure encompasses a helium-filled, lighter-than-air (LTA) drone, fixed site mooring and tether controls as well as the LTA Drone is unique in that it allows the command-and-control personnel to release the tether and initiate flight as a remotely piloted unmanned airship. The LTATDD SA-70 will be equipped with a modular pod (APOD) system which includes the flight deck and housing for up to two (2) unmanned drones for in-flight launch. Our first LTATDD SA-70 will be utilized for FEMA Disaster Relief efforts for the State of Florida through the Triumph Fund-Gulf/Coast State College Program. Our market research after Hurricane Michael and ongoing dialog with government agencies such as Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol, Naval Warfare Center, FEMA, Air Force, and other government agencies led to new advanced designs for the build of the LTATDD SA-70-12.

During the LATDD SA-70’s development, the company has reengineered all hard structures, outer/inner envelopes, new UAS drone decks and an avionics suite for manned and unmanned capabilities. The hard structure CAD designs that can be transferred from aircraft aluminum to composites which could reduce the LTA Drone weight allowing for additional future surveillance and telecommunication systems. The avionics suite is a state-of-the-art system for remotely piloted operations. “The company chose to invest in advanced technologies to be ahead of the curve for a total aerial communication system at an affordable cost,” stated Michael Lawson CEO.

With the planned infrastructure upgrades to UAV Corp’s Costin Airport improvements will give the company a well-equipped operating base to complete the planned test flights of their LTATDD. “I am pleased to report that the Gulf County Commission unanimously approved a motion to go out for construction bids to provide the $1,034,000 in infrastructure support to develop UAV Corp’s Skyborne hangar and operations facility in Port St. Joe Florida. The scope of work includes paving Cessna Drive and provision of water, sewer and electricity. We are excited by the possibilities and look forward to assisting UAV Corp in making this facility a reality!” stated Jim McKnight, Executive Director Gulf County Economic Development Coalition.

“UAV Corp (UMAV) is uniquely positioned and recognized as a top 10 drone stock for 2022 as reported in the U.S. News & World Report on 12/06/2021  and on 3/15/2022.We continue to show that we are building our proprietary new technology to benefit both commercial, military and humanitarian opportunities. We believe that focusing our business directive on these markets will provide future growth and continue to add value for our shareholders. We will continue to update on our progress with real time information and live feeds of test flights through our website at and on Twitter, “stated Billy Robinson, Chairman.

About UAV Corp

UAV Corp (UMAV) is a Research and Development holding company with a focus on Communication Aerospace and Environmental Solutions. Researchers at UAV Corp are actively engaged in solving transformative problems for the government and commercial clients. We are working on a wide range of topics including but not limited to advanced communication, Airship and Drone Technology and low altitude analysis of carbon dioxide (CO2) conversion, new energy processes, biomass conversion, energy efficiency crop and mining management. UAVs wholly owned subsidiary Skyborne Technology, Inc. has significant investments in research & development of Intellectual Property and proprietary designs in areas covering semi-rigid and rigid airship design, reverse-ballonet technology, mooring and hybrid propulsion that have competitive advantages for both its Spherical and Cylinder Class tether/airship designs. Skyborne Technology has a manufacturing facility in Wewahitchka, Florida and owns the airport in Port St. Joe, Florida for manned and unmanned operations. Skyborne Central America, LLC a wholly owned subsidiary pursues unique business opportunities in the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico for the DATT tether-airship systems and advanced UAS capabilities.

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