The Cysero Fund invests in FlyingBasket, an innovative startup in the UAS field

New series A investment for the fund Cysero from AVM Gestioni SGR S.p.a., manager of EuVECA Benefit
corporation promoted jointly with Kilometro Rosso, the science and technology park of Bergamo to invest in startups and innovative SMEs to develop a true Italian center of cybersecurity and humanoid robotics.

In recent days the fund – born in late 2020 by the initiative of Alberto Bombassei (President Kilometro Rosso) and Giovanna Dossena (AVM) with the accession of families of entrepreneurs such as the Radici family, the Persico family, the Fassi family, the Cogliati family, the Pasin family and the Borromeo family – has completed the first round of investment in FlyingBasket, a company operating in the sector of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) used for the transport of goods in safety-critical situations and locations.

A South Tyrolean startup of excellence founded in 2015 by Moritz and Matthias Moroder, FlyingBasket’s mission is to become the world leader in cargo drones for safety-critical applications.

FlyingBasket’s reference product is the FB3 drone, capable of transporting goods for a maximum load of 100kg for activities such as industrial logistics, forest transport, antenna assembly and power line construction.

“In just a few years FlyingBasket has succeeded in establishing itself on the market as a reality of excellence in a constantly expanding sector, as demonstrated by the recent partnerships signed with Enel, Cablex and Leonardo” comments Giovanna Dossena – CEO & President of AVM Gestioni SGR. “The goal of Cysero is to become not only a financial partner and a support for the growth, but also an incubator and generator of contacts, opportunities and collaborations, inserting innovative startups within the rich ecosystem of companies available to the fund”.

“With the entry of Cysero we acquire not only a financial partner, but also a portfolio of know-how and high-level skills, as well as a very important network of contacts” underlines Moritz Moroder, CEO of FlyingBasket. “AVM Gestioni and Cysero, but above all the people who manage them and direct their choices, have a track record of success and knowledge of the industry and the startup sector that will allow FlyingBasket to make an important leap forward in its growth path”.

“Drones represent one of the most fascinating domains of robotics and with FlyingBasket we position ourselves in a sector that will undergo profound changes in the coming years. The industrial logistics, which requires the ability to transport heavy loads in a short time and with increasing autonomy, will benefit enormously from the technology of FlyingBasket.” Adds Salvatore Majorana – Director of Kilometro Rosso. “The interest already collected by leading players is a sign of a strong change that Cysero is ready to accompany.”

The investment operation in FlyingBasket was followed by the Cysero team: Luca Todesco and Stefano Gallucci.

Cysero and AVM Gestioni were assisted by the firm Molinari Agostinelli, with a team composed of partner Marco

Laviano and associate Sara Comin, while FlyingBasket shareholders were assisted by the firm CP-DL Capolino-Perlingieri & Leone with senior associate Nicola Rapaccini.

AVM Gestioni SGR
In 1995, Giovanna Dossena and Claude Breuil founded the AVM group, a private equity and venture capital operator. The investment team is now composed of 10 professionals specialized in Private Equity for the development of Italian SMEs, with the aim of increasing their value and capturing their growth potential. AVM Gestioni SGR since 2016 addresses institutional clients, specialized regular investors and individuals suitable to invest in the venture capital sector, investing in companies that foster value generation and sustainability. AVM’s main investment target are Italian companies operating in the Life Essentials sectors (Food&Beverage, Health&Beauty, Domotics), robotics and impact finance. The target companies are selected with a view to generating value through aggregations as part of a medium-to-long-term strategy.

CEO and President of AVM Gestioni is Giovanna Dossena.

Kilometro Rosso
Kilometro Rosso is one of Europe’s leading innovation districts, a campus that today is home to 70 Resident Partners – companies, laboratories and research centers -, for a total of 2. 000 employees and researchers. Developed on a private initiative, the Technology Park has been operating since 2009 with an inclusive and collaborative logic between the business system, the University, the territory and institutional references, with the mission to promote and support the processes of innovation of the manufacturing system. To this end, it has built a system of expertise in the areas of Robotics, Cybersecurity, AI, materials science, additive manufacturing, mechatronics, life sciences and environmental impact that have led to the development of 37 laboratories, R&D projects for over 139 million euros, 650 patents filed, and an intense dissemination activity that reaches thousands of people every year.

Alberto Bombassei is the President, Salvatore Majorana is the Director.

FlyingBasket is an Italian company based in Bolzano (Italy), specialized in the design and production of cargo drones, with payload capacity up to 100 kg. The start-up was founded in 2015 and since its inception it has become the benchmark in the commercial cargo drone industry. FlyingBasket provides drone de-lifting and transportation services in the fields: logistics, energy, telecommunications and more.

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