Skyway Joins Global UTM Association (GUTMA)

Skyway is excited to announce its collaboration with the Global UTM Association, better known as GUTMA. With a likely massive drone ecosystem soon to emerge, this collaboration proves timely in its ability to provide the fundamental building blocks of the ever-evolving and technologically-based consumer market. 

Skyway, an air traffic navigation Provider of Services for Urban Air Mobility (PSU), is on a mission to provide the most advanced secure aviation data exchange for autonomous aircraft, Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems, vertiport operations, and government agencies. GUTMA acts as a representative for organizations within the UTM market in order to foster a global ecosystem within the industry. Together, these organizations will work to further global standardization for advanced air traffic systems. This will ensure the development and deployment harmonization of products and services that will benefit all stakeholders globally.

“At this juncture, it is important for all urban air mobility businesses to collaborate in structuring the ecosystem. Standardization is going to be critical for business scalability across many nations.” – Clifford Cruz, CEO of Skyway

“GUTMA represents organizations involved in innovative drone services and smart mobility solutions enabled by services that keep drone operations at all altitudes safe and efficient. It engages in impactful research and development and in technical, regulatory and political processes to foster a global ecosystem in a fair global drone services market.” – GUTMA Mission Statement

GUTMA supports a federated system for UTM services and fair UTM and drone services markets. It works to identify the processes that contribute to its objectives and will cooperate in impactful research and development, technical, regulatory, and political processes in a constructive and authoritative way. GUTMA is a global association open to both private and public organizations, and it is recognized as the most representative and effective association for the global drone services industry.

GUTMA’s board of directors brings together many industry leaders from Wing, DroneHub, Skyward/Verizon, Amazon, Airservices Australia, NEC, Airbus & FOCA. 

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