A-techSYN granted Operational Authorisation for BVLOS Flights in Ireland

We are proud to announce that A-techSYN has been granted EASA operational authorization approval for BVLOS operations by the IAA. This authorization will allow A-techSYN to perform BVLOS flights out of Newcastle Airfield (EINC) in Wicklow/Ireland.

The authorization was issued based on an application which was prepared to implement a SORA based risk analysis methodology  defined by JARUS and applied by EASA regulations, which allows UAVs within the special category to perform BVLOS flights at approved SAIL levels. 

With this achievement, A-techSYN will start a new initiative to conduct periodic flights in 2022 with the purpose of training new UAV operators and performing proof of concepts on how to utilize the CGT50 VTOL UAV in everyday operations. 

As an Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) designer, developer, manufacturer and operator, A-techSYN is an end-to-end solutions provider. Therefore we will not only deliver products but also help customers overcome challenging and confusing regulatory issues to actually use the products. 

We will continue to work very closely with end-users to support them with training, documentation and risk assessments. Our goal is to help customers acquire permission to operate the CGT50 VTOL UAV and all of our other products within their jurisdiction for their own unique operations, with their own flight teams.

Hopefully, this will enable our customers to be able to fly in challenging projects. 

Man may not be meant to fly but UAVs for sure are.

Gokhan CELIK


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