GA-ASI Executes Joint Training with the U.S. Army 7th SFG(A)

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) supported a Military Free Fall (MFF) High-Altitude Training exercise for the U.S. Army’s 7th Special Forces Group (SFG) (Airborne) on January 20-21 and 27-28, 2022 during a joint training exercise in which a GA-ASI-owned MQ-9 Remotely Piloted Aircraft monitored the jumps and provided critical overwatch capabilities. The MQ-9 was deployed from Yuma Proving Ground in Yuma, Ariz. and GA-ASI provided a live video stream from the MQ-9 to soldiers and airmen at Eglin Air Force Base, FL, which allowed remote monitoring of the exercise.

The MFF consisted of combination drops with Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) bundles. In addition to delivering valuable overwatch for the 7th SFG(A) personnel, the exercise provided an opportunity for GA-ASI aircrews to train on real-world maneuvers and tactics that will allow them to better support future DOD operations.

“GA-ASI is committed to supporting our Nation’s warfighters across the spectrum of military operations,” said GA-ASI Vice President of Strategic Development for DoD J.R. Reid. “The incredible persistence of the MQ-9 provided overwatch of the 7th SFG operators unlike what could be performed by a manned aircraft. This innovative use of the MQ-9 supported the goals of the 7th SFG and GA-ASI looks forward supporting future operations.”

The Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) evaluated the MQ-9’s capabilities in the areas of mission planning, accuracy and overall performance during the exercise. The ODA is the operational element of Special Forces organized to conduct operations completely independently, unlike the rest of the Army, which has a hierarchy of tactical and strategic operations. According to the ODA, the GA-ASI unmanned aircraft met all expectations to support MFF missions as a real-world capability insertion option to increase troop protection, accountability, and overall situational awareness.

About GA-ASI

General Atomics-Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI), an affiliate of General Atomics, is a leading designer and manufacturer of proven, reliable remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) systems, radars, and electro-optic and related mission systems, including the Predator® RPA series and the Lynx® Multi-mode Radar. With more than seven million flight hours, GA-ASI provides long-endurance, mission-capable aircraft with integrated sensor and data link systems required to deliver persistent flight that enables situational awareness and rapid strike. The company also produces a variety of ground control stations and sensor control/image analysis software, offers pilot training and support services, and develops meta-material antennas.

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