Sky-Drones and ArduPilot Soar to Next Level Heights with AIRLink

ArduPilot is the industry-leading, fully featured, reliable open-source autopilot software for a large variety of hardware vendors. And now, the software can be used to operate AIRLink by Sky-Drones Technologies, the most advanced autopilot hardware available to date.

ArduPilot provides its users with a large variety of hardware options both open and closed. Source code that has been created by a diverse team of engineers, computer scientists and community contributors has allowed this organization to progress leaps and bounds since its incorporation in 2010 with ever changing elements and added features constantly occurring. This free-to-use and fully customizable software is an autopilot system supporting many
vehicle types including multi-copters, traditional helicopters, fixed wing aircrafts, boats, and more.

Just like Sky-Drones’ GCS, ArduPilot’s Mission Planner can be used for mission and flight planning, single or multiple drone flights simultaneously, and tracking and recording flight logs for replay and analytics. With this partnership, Sky-Drones AIRLink users can take all the advantages from AIRLink and work using the established software ArduPilot to utilize the very best of what both organizations have to offer.

AIRLink by Sky-Drones is the cutting edge 3-in-1 drone avionics unit. Installed on your drone, AIRLink operates as an autopilot for the entire drone fleet, an AI mission computer with the capability of object recognition and target tracking, and an LTE connectivity link to employ 3G/4G/5G. Sky-Drones saw a need in the market to make it easier for enterprise UAV organizations to enter the UAV industry and begin their own economy-advancing venture.
This is where AIRLink thrives within the market and where Sky-Drones have first-hand experience in taking the time to market for enterprise businesses from years and months down to mere weeks.

Now the latest advancement for Sky-Drones is its addition to the select number of hardware vendors available using ArduPilot’s software. Seen as a trusted and versatile means to operate multiple vehicles in an abundance of industries, ArduPilot and Sky-Drones have partnered to integrate their cutting-edge products to the wider world of users.

For more information on what this industry movement means, how it can affect and help you, or to learn more about ArduPilot and Sky-Drones AIRLink, contact Sky-Drones Technologies here today

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