F1RST announces the UAS public safety symposium June 1 & 2, 2022

F1RST and Sundance Media Group announce the F1RST UAS Symposium to be held in Pasco County, Florida, focused on Public Safety applications for Unmanned Aircraft, bringing industry leaders to the facility with seminars, practical flight training, simulated scenarios, and live flight demonstrations of Unmanned Aircraft.  Registration is open and seats are limited.

Florida’s Forensic Institute for Research, Security, and Tactics (F1RST), a division of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, and Sundance Media Group (SMG) will present a two-day, deeply focused symposium for Public Safety/First Responders currently deploying, or planning to deploy Unmanned Aircraft. 

F1RST’s technologically advanced facility and faculty combined with the 2 year training history of Sundance Media Group’s Public Safety training programs provide an unmatched resource for public safety UAS pilots.

“Technology and training methodology have shifted the way officers respond to calls”, says Justin Ross, Captain at Pasco Sheriff’s Office.  “The F1RST training facility has been designed to provide the most up-to-date technical training possible. The symposium partnership with SMG not only brings officers to F1RST for scenario-based training opportunities, it also shines a light on our outstanding facilities for agencies seeking modern tools and techniques. We are excited to share the facility with other agencies in the spirit of live-scenario training with UAS in a variety of situations and environments.” 

SMG’s COO Jennifer Pidgen adds, “Sundance Media Group, are proud to partner with F1RST at the Pasco Sheriff’s Office in this UAS training symposium which will highlight new technologies, future-looking techniques and methods of UAS operations for barricades, active shooter, overwatch, search/rescue, in addition to best practices and how to properly stand up an effective, efficient, and sustainable UAS program for any public agency.”

The F1RST UAS Public Safety Symposium will feature demonstrations and training utilizing UAS in a variety of scenarios, taking advantage of F1RST’s rubble pile, vertical operations training, canine-UAS partnership, night flight with UAS, tactical operations utilizing UAS, and other learning experiences focused around real-world first responder and public safety engagements. Attending teams will have an opportunity to compete and demonstrate team skills at the F1RST event. Manufacturers, distributors, product resellers, local, state, and federal agencies are invited to attend this two-day symposium.

The F1RST UAS Public Safety Symposium is being planned for the first week of June 2022.  For more details on the symposium:  https://floridafirsttraining.org/publicsafetyUAS/#/home 

Additional questions?  Please see the contact information below.

To know more about F1RST visit https://fngloridafirsttraini.org/

To learn more about SMG, visit sundancemediagroup.com

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