DRONE VOLT, expert in embedded artificial intelligence and manufacturer of professional civil drones, announces the launch of a new version of its VTOL drone: the HELIPLANE LRS.

This new VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) UAV combines the advantages of a multi-rotor UAV with those of a fixed-wing UAV: it takes off vertically like a conventional UAV, thus avoiding the need for take-off and landing strips, and flies like an airplane thanks to an engine placed at the rear of the aircraft. The transition between vertical and horizontal flight modes is fully automatic.

Thanks to the lift generated by its wings and the use of brand new battery technologies, this new HELIPLANE LRS is very durable and can fly for almost 3 hours and cover up to 1600 hectares per flight.

Its ability to ensure flights over such long periods and distances allows it to be deployed in many industrial fields for complex and automatic photogrammetry missions over large areas, long-distance surveillance or high-precision survey missions such as plantation water stress measurements, energy infrastructure inspection missions, etc.

Versatile, the HELIPLANE LRS can carry a wide variety of payloads that are easily changed and integrated to cover a multitude of applications:

  • RGB camera
  • thermal camera
  • multispectral camera
  • lidar

Thanks to its modular design, this VTOL can be assembled in less than a minute, without tools.

The HELIPLANE LRS is available in two versions: 2.4 m and 3.4 m wingspan.

‘We are pleased to announce the launch of this new version of the HELIPLANE LRS drone, which completes the Group’s range of products,’ says Marc Courcelle, CEO of DRONE VOLT. ‘More accomplished than its previous version, this new drone should meet the expectations of many customers in the private and public sectors, which demonstrates once again the relevance of our technology solutions that we are constantly evolving.’

More information: https://www.dronevolt.com/en/expert-solutions/heliplane/

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