Sky-Drones Ventures into the World of AWS Greengrass and Customers

As of now, Sky-Drones Technologies is a hardware vendor for AWS Greengrass and its customers. Opening up a mountain of opportunities for Sky-Drones by way of advancing their customer base and the users of AWS Greengrass by making Sky-Drones’ elite, cutting-edge hardware AIRLink more accessible, this is one you’ll not want to miss.

Sky-Drones’ flagship hardware AIRLink is the industry’s most up-to-date flight control system for enterprise UAV fleets. With AIRLink on your drone, flight capabilities are advanced to a whole new dimension with a huge range of connectivity options, an abundance of features including Artificial Intelligence and autopilot elements, and free-to-
use software for flight planning, logs and analytics.

In short, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Greengrass extends AWS software, an open-source and cloud service, to devices so they can carry out tasks and responses to the information they receive and data they generate for building, deploying and managing devices. More technically, AWS allows its users to run their own hardware and software, alongside messaging, data caching, and much more for connected devices, in a secure and encrypted
environment. The ability to connect with other devices even with no internet connection is a prime element of AWS as it allows users’ Internet of Things (IoT) devices to respond quickly and accordingly to events.

Superior advantages of using AWS’ software on hardware devices is their huge capacity for large and open-ended organizations, the reliability and securely encrypted data protection, and their ease of use. Only having to adapt to a single software for multiple hardware devices has been a revelation for an abundance of industries, most recently the UAV industry.

AIRLink by Sky-Drones can now be ran using AWS software, allowing organizations that favour the software and its unified device communication capabilities to take advantage of the cutting-edge autopilot capabilities by Sky-Drones for their fleet of unlimited drone numbers. Sky-Drones have specifically targeted the defence and security sector with this advancement as the industry now has an all-in-one option for their operations, however this partnership will be advantageous for a huge number of industries including delivery, agriculture and inspection.

Sky-Drones’ aim has always been to reduce the difficulty of UAV enterprise operations to enter the market, and to reduce the time taken for enterprise drone operations to enter the market from years and months to merely weeks. The company has been successfully integrating AIRLink into drones all over the world, and their specially designed software for cloud analytics and mission planning works hand-in-hand with their entire hardware range.
With the option to now run Sky-Drones hardware using AWS software, the organization is well on their way to making the ease of entering the UAV market a reality.

To find out more about AIRLink running off AWS, click here.

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