Fortress UAV Announces Partnership With BTE

Established in 2017, Fortress UAV is the leader and most comprehensive partner in UAS deployment and operational drone services for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), enterprises, and public safety agencies. By providing UAS logistics, fleet management, field services, technical support, repair, and preventative maintenance, customers rally behind Fortress UAV’s all-in-one service approach. Fortress UAV’s diversified capabilities, engineering intimacy and deep experience have led Fortress UAV to expand what’s possible for the drone industry.

Recently launched in 2021, BTE is an eco-friendly energy company that provides research and furthers the development of hydrogen fuel cells & hydrogen energy solutions. BTE is quickly establishing itself as a leader of the hydrogen revolution by incorporating an integrated system of hydrogen fuels cells that efficiently charge, store, and distribute hydrogen energy, thus providing carbon neutralized energy recycling solutions based on energy management technology.

BTE’s central product, the BHR-350, is a mobile hydrogen charging station optimized for various hydrogen fueled solutions such as drones, forklifts, bikes, and boats. The all-in-one system is a hydrogen cooler, dispenser, tank, compressor, and controller. It is both small and light weight with automatic operations and remote control. Even more impressive is the high level of security established with protection from temperature, fire detection, and pressure control.

BTE is based on South Korea with their technology certified by Korean institutes. With deployment in South Korea already established and in progress, their next focus will shift to the United States.

U.S. based Fortress UAV will be providing an array of OEM deployment and supporting services for BTE including, but not limited to logistics, warehousing, repair, preventative maintenance, customer service, technical assistance center, sales and marketing services, and professional services for BTE’s United States efforts.

Fortress UAV is looking forward to once again providing critical support for another essential player in the hydrogen revolution. As Fortress UAV CEO, Brendon Mills, stated, “We are excited to help BTE further expand their efforts in the U.S. The hydrogen revolution is upon us, we are proud to partner with the leaders charging the way.”

BTE U.S. Leader, Paul Shim, stated the following regarding their partnership with Fortress UAV, “We are beyond excited to partner with the best, Fortress UAV, as we enter the U.S. market. Not only are they a chosen partner for many UAS manufacturers, their services are world-class.”

Exciting things are headed for both Fortress UAV and BTE. Partnering with Fortress UAV, BTE is sure to have a dedicated, hard-working, trusted partner to help fuel their business.

To learn more about Fortress UAV’s critical drone support service, please click here.

To learn more about the renewable energy BTE is providing, please click here.

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