Pointivo Lands 10th Patent Increasing Coverage of the Drone Analytics Market

Pointivo, the leading software platform provider for asset inspection using AI and computer vision, today announced the issuance of US Patent No. 11,216,663  titled “Systems and Methods for Generating of 3D Information on a Users Display for Processing of Sensor Data for Objects, Components, or Features of Interest in a Scene.”

With this patent, Pointivo owns 10 issued US patents, with several other US and foreign patent applications pending. This patent covers displaying different kinds of data synchronized for the user so they can most efficiently complete tasks associated with asset inspection. Data can include high resolution images captured from a drone, a 3D model generated from the images, either mesh or point clouds. It also protects synchronizing data from different drone captures at different times, which is a critical capability in offering automated solutions in the asset inspection market.

“Pointivo’s novel and powerful user interface was designed to empower users to benefit from drones in the asset inspection space,” said Dan Ciprari, CEO and Co-Founder, Pointivo.  “In 2021, Pointivo’s customers processed 120,000 assets, saving an estimated 300,000 hours of effort normally spent climbing and manually inspecting roofs or towers.”

“The method by which Pointivo brings images together with the 3D model sets it apart from the competition,” said Alex Daly, VP of NB+C Technical Services. “It greatly increases data reliability and allows tower engineers to perform their tasks with increased efficiency. Drones will become a standard part of what we do on a daily basis.”

Pointivo is a pioneer in the use of AI and computer vision to extract information from imagery derived from various capture methods. In 2021 customers used. The subject matter of the company’s IP portfolio includes automatic identification, segmentation, labeling, and semantic characterization of 3D objects in a scene, automatic generation of inspection insights, and automatic generation of wireframes and CAD/BIM models, as well as innovative ways for users to interact with the information.

Pointivo’s proprietary technology is behind the industry-leading offerings that provide inspection capabilities for residential and commercial building envelope, telecom infrastructure, energy and utilities. 

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About Pointivo

Pointivo’s analytics platform is built by a world-class team of AI and computer vision software experts pioneering AI-driven 3D analytics technologies for physical asset inspection. We give companies a deeper understanding of their assets to drive revenue, operational efficiencies, and cost reductions. Combining machine learning, computer vision, and advanced analytics, our customers are innovators and rely on our platform and applications to deliver insights that enhance business processes and decisions relating to measurement, damage detection, assessment, inventory management, budgeting, and risk mitigation.

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