Zero CO2 Emissions Drone Delivery with Sky-Drones Technologies

Recently poised as being 90% cheaper than car-based delivery services by Forbes, UAV delivery is continuing to rise the ranks of consumerism and medical logistics. Regardless of the fact that the service is contactless, lightning-quick, and easy to use, delivery by drone has been rallied for the reduction in emissions released, but we can do one better than that.

Enter: F-Drones

F-Drones is an organization truly demonstrating the reality and ease of going CO2 free. The company is on a mission to transform maritime logistics to be more efficient and sustainable, and they’re well on their way as being the first company in the world to provide 24-hour commercial beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) drone deliveries.

Enabling efficient and sustainable maritime logistics, F-Drones specializes in drone deliveries between shore, ships, and offshore platforms. Using their fully electric, autonomous, aviation-grade VTOLs, F-Drones has the global market set in its sight. It’s proprietary drones HyperCopter and HyperLaunch are capable of delivering payloads of 5kg over 30km and 50km respectively. F-drones is also making progress in developing its ultimate product, HyperLaunch Heavy (HLH), which will deliver 100kg over 100km thus opening up an entirely new dimension to delivery by drone.

Sky-Drones Technologies developed its flagship product AIRLink with companies like F-Drones in mind, organizations that could push the very limits of UAV usage and make a true difference to the industry and economy. The technology created by Sky-Drones has always been designed with enterprise in mind to make the movement from drone creation to actual flight an easy and effortless one. AIRLink by Sky-Drones is an AI mission computer with cutting-edge autopilot and LTE connectivity, and currently sits on UAVs all over the world in an abundance of industries including delivery, security, surveillance, and agriculture.

This partnership has begun with use of SmartLink on a selection of UAVs from F-Drones plus the use of SmartAP GCS, the mission planning and flight control software built by Sky-Drones. With Sky-Drones’ technology, F-Drones can relay, record, and replay live video footage from their VTOLs through the provided HD FPV. Even in testing ocean environments, F-Drones can take full advantage of AIRLink’s 3X-redundant vibration-dampened temperature-stabilized IMU built in for clear, continuous, and concise video footage.

With F-Drones being predominantly cheaper, faster, and cleaner than any other shore-to- ship service available to date, and Sky-Drones having refined the autopilot capabilities for UAVs, this partnership will develop tenfold over the coming years, and more is due to land in the coming weeks with the imminent launch of F-Drones’ HyperCopter and HyperLaunch.

For more information on how Sky-Drones can aid your UAV enterprise business, or how F-Drones can aid your delivery operations using zero CO2 emissions whatsoever, contact Sky-Drones today via their website,

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