DRONEDEK to Demo Its Smart Mailbox at CES in Las Vegas

DRONEDEK Corporation, one of the first companies in the world to patent a smart mailbox designed for secure drone delivery, will demonstrate its device at CES – the most influential tech event in the world.

“We’re gearing up for what we think will be exceptional opportunities to showcase our patented device to some of the most important organizations in the world,” said DRONEDEK CEO and founder Dan O’Toole. “Our technology is ahead of the market right now, but we’re going to see huge movement in the U.S. delivery-by-drone market next year. We’re ready for it, and we want to demonstrate just how ahead of the pack we are. There’s no better audience for that than CES.”

DRONEDEK holds a first-position patent portfolio for its smart mailbox for drone package receiving, sending and storage. It is a feature-rich, secure mailbox that accepts delivery via robotic, unmanned driverless, aerial drone or conventional means and will also enable users to send out packages. DRONEDEK is set to disrupt all shipping verticals to include receiving or sending food, medicine, groceries, or other parcels.

The DRONEDEK team will be headquartered in Hall G – Eureka Park, Booth 61125 throughout the show, which runs January 5-8 in Las Vegas. A second station will be within the CalChip Connect booth at 10215 in the North Hall.

“We’re thrilled to have DRONEDEK as one our featured Solution Providers in our booth at CES this year,” said CalChip Connect President and Co-Founder TJ Rancour. “Decentralized wireless will empower IoT developers to solve hard problems with creative solutions, like DRONEDEK is doing for secure mail delivery,” he said.

The DRONEDEK mailbox also accepts traditional mail delivery and is destined to become an everyday utility service like power or water. The device is capable of keeping packages hot or cold; will alert users to package arrival; recharge drones; and even serve as an emergency alert if necessary. An app controls when the device is opened for delivery or retrieval and also controls its emergency alarm features.

DRONEDEK solves three of the most critical challenges of delivering packages in “the last mile” of the delivery route by:

  • Reducing expense – the average cost of drone delivery for that last mile is $1 compared to $2 by truck.
  • Increasing efficiency – drone delivery eliminates the need for trucks to drive repeatedly through neighborhoods.
  • Providing absolute package security – packages are locked in the mailbox and opened only via the owners’ app.

About DRONEDEK: DRONEDEK is the branded leader in the emerging, next-generation mailbox of drone and autonomous delivery space. Its smart mailbox completes the last inch of the last mile of package delivery with its patented smart, secured receptacle technology. See the mailbox and learn more at DRONEDEK.com

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