The Director of AFWERX, US Air Force Announced as Speaker at the UAV Technology USA 2022 Conference

AFWERX, a US Air Force (USAF) program aimed at bringing innovation and entrepreneurs to Air Force programs, had announced a set of challenges as part of its “Revolutionizing USAF Flightline Operations” initiative.

The challenge seeks proposals for new ideas related to flightline security operations, including the increasingly pressing goal of neutralizing unmanned aerial systems (UAS) that intrude into these highly sensitive areas.

That goal is part of the AFWERX Flightline Security Challenge which is reaching out to academia, the private sector, and other government agencies for novel solutions related to protecting flightlines at its air bases from unknown or potentially hostile drones. *

With the US Air Force looking to industry and academia for ideas on how to protect its installations from emerging asymmetric threats, SMi Group is delighted to host the inaugural UAV Technology USA Conference, taking place in Arlington, VA, on February 7th and 8th, 2022.

For those interested in attending the conference, it is free for US DOD military personnel to attend and early bird offers are available. Register at

This conference will be the place to meet, exchange information and gain access to the latest information on new procurement and development projects of new UAV and C-UAV platforms.

Delegates will hear an opening keynote briefing from Colonel Nathan P. Diller, Director, AFWERX, US Air Force on ‘Agility Prime: Developing and Procuring Next-Generation Unmanned Aerial Systems’. The presentation will cover:

• AFWERX: expanding technology, talent, and transition partnerships for rapid and affordable commercial and military capability
• Agility Prime: leveraging the potential commercial market to develop advanced air mobility vehicles for USAF operations
• AFWERX and UAS: a look at the path ahead
• Request the event brochure online

The two-day focused agenda includes additional presentations from the US Air Force including:

• Colonel Brian J. Neff, Permanent Professor and Head of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, US Air Force Academy presenting on “Integrating autonomy into UAS to enhance their effectiveness and support the modern warfighter”
• Lieutenant Colonel Michael S. Chmielewski, Commander, 556th Test & Evaluation Squadron, US Air Force presenting on “556th Test and Evaluation Squadron: Driving UAS Operations Worldwide”

The two-day agenda and brochure are available at

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