UAV Corp (UMAV) announces integration of engine propulsions hard structures

UAV Corp’s completed the integration of the engine hard structures of the Company’s airship. Flight controls and propulsion integration is planned over the next 3 weeks. The Company moved closer to completion of the SA 70-12 semi-rigid detachable airship from a tether technology or “DATT” airship. The new hard structures are designed to support full vectoring of the propulsion system that can handle the stress loads of vertical take-off and landing in both manned, unmanned and tether operations.

There are three remotely piloted systems onboard that support launch and recovery of drones with high resolution cameras for streaming video, IR capabilities for night vision video and thermal target detection. The Company’s proprietary designed remotely piloted system allows the “Mother-ship” to be detached from a ground supported umbilical cable to support immediate mission needs or in the case of impending weather, ground threats or a tether failure to safely return to its base.

“As we near the completion of the seven-story high DATT airship, the technology allows it to become a multi-facetted cell tower and or communication hub for Disaster Relief with uplink and downlink transmission(s) to support data, cellular needs and other usages. The DATT advanced systems are designed for real time video, broadband, cellular communications for First Responders after a disaster. This specific SA 70-12 is part of the Gulf Coast State College Disaster Relief program partially funded by the Triumph Fund to support disaster relief in the state of Florida,” stated Michael Lawson, CEO.  

“We have plans to host both civilian and military dignitaries representing the U.S., Central America, South America, Israel and other countries to observe our initial test flights early next year from our Airport facility at Port St Jo Florida. We are excited to conduct the near-term test flights as our tether-airship DATT technology for manned and unmanned operations has sparked Global interest in our unique technologies,” stated Billy Robinson UAV Corp Chairman.

About UAV Corp

UAV Corp (UMAV) is a Research and Development holding company with a focus on Communication Aerospace and Environmental Solutions. Researchers at UAV Corp are actively engaged in solving transformative problems for the government and commercial clients. We are working on a wide range of topics including but not limited to advanced communication, Airship and Drone Technology and low altitude analysis of carbon dioxide (CO2) conversion, new energy processes, biomass conversion, energy efficiency crop and mining management.

About Skyborne Technology, Inc.

Skyborne Technology, Inc. has significant investments in research & development of Intellectual Property and proprietary designs in areas covering semi-rigid and rigid airship design, reverse-ballonet technology, mooring and hybrid propulsion that have competitive advantages for both its Spherical and Cylinder Class tether/airship designs. Skyborne Technology has a manufacturing facility in Wewahitchka, Florida and owns the airport in Port St. Joe, Florida for manned and unmanned operations.

About Skyborne Central America, LLC

Skyborne Central America, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of UAV Corp for business operations in the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico for the DATT tether-airship systems and advanced UAS capabilities.

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