The UAV Leasing Company adds Manned Helicopter Capabilities

The UAV Leasing Company is happy to announce a general representation agreement with MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI). The agreement will allow The UAV Leasing Company to sell and lease new MD Helicopters.

The UAV Leasing Company’s core product is an unmanned long-endurance CS23 platform for border patrol or maritime surveillance. The contract signed with MDHI paves the way to selling manned helicopters for short law enforcement missions thus proposing a full turn-key solution to governmental agencies. The agreement includes Ethiopia, France, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, India, South Africa, Sweden, and Switzerland. The UAV Leasing Company is the first UAV-focused company to represent a historic manned aircraft OEM.
While MD-530Fs, MDHI’s flagship machine, are mostly used for law enforcement and aerial works, The UAV Leasing Company also wishes to develop aerial taxi services with this type of helicopter on very short flights due to the competitiveness of the platform in terms of maintenance and operating costs.

“MD Helicopters looks forward to the partnership with The UAV Leasing Company. We hope this approach will increase access and support of MD Helicopters,” said Jason Lindauer, MDHI’s Vice President of Military and Commercial Sales.

The UAV Leasing Company’s mission statement is to tailor modern and effective hybrid airborne solutions and to become a one-stop shop for governmental agencies requiring extremely long monitoring missions as well as rapid deployment platforms.

The UAV Leasing Company was founded in 2019 by aviation entrepreneur Charles Hergott. The UAV Leasing Company provides consulting services for the implementation of Medium and High Altitude Long Endurance Unmanned Platforms in border patrol infrastructures. For more information about UAV Leasing Company visit

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