Plymouth Rock Technologies announces procurement partnership with Sky Power GmbH

2021 – Plymouth Rock Technologies Inc. a leader in developing unmanned technologies and detection apparatus is
pleased to announce a procurement partnership with Sky Power GmbH.

Sky Power GmbH is the leading manufacturer of 2-stroke combustion and Wankel engines/propulsion solutions for UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) and hybrid applications. All engines are developed and manufactured in Germany.

“We chose to partner with Sky Power because of their country of origin, ISO 9001 certification and that their engines can be customized and configured for specific applications, either as a direct propulsion unit, as a range extender in a hybrid configuration, or as a power unit and generator”, stated Carl Cagliarini, Chief Strategy Officer of PRT. “The
flexibility ethos of Sky Power is in synchronicity with that of PRT. Having information on exact metrics, such as fuel consumption, engine parameters, and exhaust-gas temperatures optimization means that performance and environmental statistics can be accurately measured and presented for safety-based routine service. At Plymouth Rock we are investing in not only being first in many areas, but the one by which others are measured against. We believe that this latest supply partnership is a true leap forward to that goal,” concluded Cagliarini.

“As VTOL UAS systems move forward into heavy lift and military service, this engine data is imperative to our military and commercial clients. At PRT we believe that adopting the quality assurance principles as that of manned aviation, is where the UAS industry needs to head” stated Paul Keen, Operations Director of PRT. “We are delighted to have our propulsion systems utilized by PRT” stated Karsten Schudt President of Sky Power. “Our engine tests can also include endurance reliability, during which customer engines are subjected to between 50 and 200 hours of uninterrupted
operation on our in-house engine test stands. Climate tests are also possible. After each test, the engines are subject to a comprehensive tear down inspection and pass marked before shipping. This reduces the build time for PRT and also ensures absolute client confidence” concluded Schudt.

About Sky Power GmbH
Sky Power GmbH is the leading manufacturer of 2-stroke combustion and Wankel engines for UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) and hybrid applications. In addition to the development and manufacturing, Sky Power produces all engines in Germany. Custom adaptations, new developments and the capacity expansion of the combustion engines are corporate objectives.

All engines can be used in different configurations, according to customer needs. The engines can be configured application-specific, as a direct propulsion unit, as a range extender in a hybrid configuration or as a power unit and generator.

About Plymouth Rock Technologies Inc.
We are on a mission to bring engineering-driven answers to the most critical problems that threaten our safety. We work with government, law enforcement and military to innovate solutions for national security, defense and space systems.

The Company is developing the next generation of threat detection solutions and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).
The PRT X1 is a purpose-built multirotor UAS, utilizing Artificial Intelligence, cutting- edge sensors and the latest FLIR dual-camera module as standard, offering thermal capabilities alongside 1080p HD real-time air-to-ground streaming and 4K video recording, with the ability to mount multiple, various sensors, modules, and payloads.

Our advanced threat detection methods fuse artificial intelligence with augmented reality interfaces to eliminate human operating error. Plymouth Rock products, both airborne and land-based, will scan for threat items at greater ‘stand-off’ distances than current existing technologies. Our unique radar imaging and signal processing technology creates new opportunities for remotely operated, non-intrusive screening of crowds in real time.

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