US Drone Deployer Makes Waves with UK Flight Control Avionics

Following a tremendous year of positive movements in the UAV industry, Sky-Drones Technologies and Full Throttle Aerial have made the motion to partner. The US-made units will be named FTA AIRLink and used in Full Throttle Aerial’s extensive fleet of UAVs.

Sky-Drones are designers, developers, and manufacturers of full-stack flight control solutions for drones. Providing hardware and software to industry leaders worldwide, they serve a mixture of sectors including security and defence, public safety, logistics, and enterprise. Their latest research and development efforts have given rise to AIRLink, the most advanced AI flight control solution in the industry to date. And with that, it is time Sky-Drones took to the skies with Full Throttle Aerial.

Full Throttle Aerial is a US-based innovator when it comes to manned and unmanned cargo aviation. Redefining the term “heavy lifting”, the organization was the first to fly a UAV carrying over 1,000 pounds in payload weight and has risen above and beyond from there. Creativity and advancement have always been the game for this US powerhouse with their rapid expansion in 2016 giving rise to innovation after innovation, including their latest advancements FTA Patrolman and FTA Falcon. Now, their latest motion becomes aligned with Sky-Drones Technologies to continue providing to leading minds in the industry such as NASA, DOD and AT&T.

This means…
True to form, Sky-Drones provides hardware manufactured in the UK with resources coming from only the highest quality suppliers in the country. Their avionics ranges from autopilot and flight control hardware to ground control and cloud analytics software using computer vision object recognition; a true full-stack solution to any and all UAV missions. As a result of the partnership, AIRLink by Sky-Drones becomes primary avionics for Full Throttle Aerial drones, making the US giant’s UAVs encompassed with cutting edge artificial intelligence, drone autopilot, and LTE
connectivity. Together, Sky-Drones and Full Throttle Aerial are providing end-to-end, full-stack, ready-to-fly solutions offered by a Texas-based, veteran-owned organization.

Time for lift off…
Users and avid spectators alike can expect to see this partnership come to life in the coming months. FTA drones will be the obvious choice for an abundance of US government authorities, DOD agencies and enterprise businesses with its intelligent, hard-wearing and innovative application possibilities. Think fleet expansion with both light-weight and heavy-lifting UAVs from Full Throttle Aerial, operated by Sky-Drones Technologies. In literal terms, cutting-edge autopilot and flight capability analysis using AI and autonomy, mission planning with the use of waypoints and 3D terrain imagery, real-time streaming and processing of the data from attached sensors and video footage, secure
mission flights using RF/5G satellite connectivity with end-to-end encryption and BVLOS flights.

Aimed at all industry leaders looking to enhance their position within the UAS market, Sky-Drones and Full Throttle Aerial have the solution for your upcoming venture.

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