Dedrone Empowers Ninth U.S. Federal Agency with Drone Detection & Mitigation Technology

Dedrone, the market leader in smart airspace security, announced today the company added their ninth U.S. federal customer, with three new federal agencies joining in September 2021. Dedrone’s smart airspace security protects physical assets, people, and information from small unmanned aerial system (sUAS), attacks and intelligence gathering.

Dedrone is deployed by U.S. government agencies both within the continental U.S. and abroad, providing best-in-class, detection, tracking, identification, and mitigation of sUAS. Dedrone’s C2 platform, DedroneTracker is built on an Open Systems Architecture (OSA), allowing for easy integration to any third-party sensor, stovepipe CsUAS capability, mitigation solution, and common Department of Defense’s (DoD) C2 systems.

Enabling a layered approach, Dedrone intelligently fuses sensor data from various sensors including radio frequency, camera, acoustics, and radar, leveraging AI/ML capabilities and its proprietary sUAS signature database, DedroneDNA to accurately detect and track drones while virtually eliminating false positives.

“Small and mid-sized drones are accessible, quick to deploy, and thus an easy vector for nefarious activity including hostile surveillance, weapons delivery and even detonation. We feel privileged and honored to be working every day with nine U.S. government agencies, to prevent such an event from happening,” shares Aaditya Devarakonda, CEO of Dedrone.

In September 2020, Dedrone announced a strategic partnership with General Dynamics Mission Systems, with the objective of equipping the U.S. Department of Defense with complete drone detection and mitigation solutions. In 2021, Dedrone and General Dynamics Mission Systems released the Counter-Unmanned Aerial System Expeditionary Kit, allowing users to rapidly set up CsUAS detection to assess drone threats within an Area of Responsibility (AOR) in less than thirty minutes with no tools required.

“With nine U.S. federal government agencies entrusting Dedrone with their airspace security, Dedrone remains at the forefront of understanding emerging sUAS threats in the continental U.S. and abroad,” shares Robert Campbell, Vice President of Public Sector at Dedrone. “Dedrone’s Open Systems Architecture and use of AI/ML sUAS identification allows U.S. federal government customers to rapidly integrate mission-specific detection and mitigation capabilities.”

Dedrone is used by four of the G-7 nation governments and is an active and regular participant in U.S. federally sponsored events, including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Air Domain Awareness testing events, advancing airspace security offerings alongside DHS Science and Technology Directorate. Dedrone also participated in INTERPOL’s global testing event in Oslo earlier this month.

About Dedrone

Dedrone is the market leader in smart airspace security. Dedrone’s counter-drone system is trusted by hundreds of commercial, government, and military customers globally to protect against unauthorized drones. With flexibility to host on premise or in the cloud via Dedrone’s Airspace Security-as-a-Service (ASaaS), Dedrone customers can detect, classify, locate and mitigate unauthorized drone threats. Established in 2014, Dedrone is headquartered in San Francisco, with operations in the Washington, D.C.-area, Columbus, Ohio, London, and Germany.

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