Suntuity AirWorks Announces Partnership With Eco Spec For Drone Based Building Inspections

Suntuity AirWorks, the UAV division of the Suntuity Group of companies, recently announced their new partnership with building manufacturer’s representative firm Eco Spec in a bid to enhance drone-based facade inspections in the commercial real estate sector.

As part of their newly announced drone leasing program, which was recently leveraged by the South Florida Governmental Purchasing Cooperative, Suntuity AirWorks will enable Eco Spec customers the opportunity to seamlessly integrate drone technology into their existing construction and maintenance processes.

Drone-based building and facade inspections safely capture the same data as traditional inspection methods, such as with scaffolding, with significantly less time and risk. In one flight, a UAV can capture thousands of digital and infrared images in minutes that would typically take traditional inspectors multiple days to complete.

With new advancements in LiDAR technology, drones can also perform high resolution 3D scans to detect defects within and around existing structures.

Charmie Pujalt, Director of New Business Development at Suntuity AirWorks, believes the new partnership between Suntuity AirWorks and Eco Spec will lay the groundwork for a mutually beneficial relationship between the UAV and commercial real estate industries.

“This partnership gives us the opportunity to further solidify Suntuity AirWorks as the premiere supplier of drone equipment, training, and consulting in infrastructure with packages that make switching to drones easier than ever,” Pujalt said. “In turn, Eco Spec can now offer both existing and future clients the chance to upgrade their inspection suite with the fastest, safest, and most accurate drones on the market.”

To learn more about the partnership and how drones are used to make construction and building inspection safer than ever before, visit

About Suntuity AirWorks
Suntuity AirWorks is the UAV and Drone services division of the Suntuity Group of Companies, with drone and UAV integration offerings in multiple countries and across the US. Its hardware and software platforms deliver state of the art industry-specific solutions from DJI, FLIR, Berkley and other reputable organizations. Suntuity AirWorks developed from the acquisition of BirdsiVideo and Osprey Assessments, two of the nation’s largest UAS service networks.

About Eco Spec

Eco Spec, Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative firm based in Atlanta, GA. They specialize in Rainscreen Wall Systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. Some of the services they provide include design consulting, estimating, product evaluation, and onsite inspection.

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