New Integration for Hovermap Data in PointCab Origins Streamlines Point Cloud to Output

Hovermap, Emesent’s flagship product,  is an autonomy and mapping payload capable of capturing high resolution LiDAR data above ground or underground, indoors or out. Hovermap’s proven autonomy functions allow it to fly supported drones, like the DJI M210, DJI M300, or Acecore Zoe, beyond line of sight and communication range.

PointCab Origins is a 3D data visualization, manipulation, and mensuration tool that facilitates the combination of multiple scans from different sources, including terrestrial and mobile scans, to produce one project. Users can create floor plans and sections, measure areas, distances, volumes, and much more. All or part of a point cloud can be transferred directly into CAD programs, or projects can be output in AutoCAD files or interchangeable formats.

The new integration enables PointCab Origins to automatically detect a Hovermap scan and select the project settings for the best results. Available in the latest version, this integration results in clear images with more accurate vectorization and will streamline the point cloud to model workflow, saving users time.

The integration will reduce the time it takes to produce high quality outputs with PointCab’s intuitive handling and comprehensive workflow allowing Hovermap users to easily turn their high resolution scans into complete and comprehensive projects that produce detailed BIM or CAD models.

When manipulating their Hovermap data, users will be able to take advantage of all of the standard PointCab Origins modules. These include Layouts & Sections, for creating floor plans in just a few clicks; and Sketch, which provides the tools to measure areas, distances, and angles.

Emesent CEO Dr Stefan Hrabar said the integration would assist Hovermap users in the surveying, architecture, or planning industries get even more from their scans.

“Hovermap allows users to capture data from even the most challenging, GPS-denied areas, like building facades or an entire bridge from the highest cables to under the deck. This integration with PointCab Origins provides them quick and easy visualization, measurements, and manipulation of that data.”

“We’re excited about collaborating with another market leading technology vendor,” said Dr Hrabar.

“Integrating our respective solutions will assist customers to save time, boost productivity, and improve outputs, making it easier for them to pursue new opportunities and improve their returns.”

To see what Hovermap can do in your industry, visit the Emesent website.

To learn more about PointCab, visit their website.

About Emesent and Hovermap

Emesent is a world-leader in drone autonomy, LiDAR mapping, and data analytics. Founded in 2018,  their vision is to be the world leaders in the autonomous digitalization of the most challenging and seemingly unreachable places on Earth and beyond. Their flagship product, Hovermap, is a versatile LiDAR mapping and autonomy payload, which can be mounted to a drone to provide autonomous mapping in challenging, inaccessible areas. Hovermap is not only for drone use, its flexible design allows it to be used for walking, vehicle, or backpack-mounted scans.

About PointCab

PointCab GmbH is a German company founded in 2013 by surveyors and geospatial experts.

We make point cloud processing easy.

We make point cloud processing fast.  

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, PointCab is your Swiss army knife of point cloud processing.

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