Constant Aviation and Robotic Skies Commit to Serving the Commercial Drone Market Together

Constant Aviation, one of the country’s largest maintenance, repair and overhaul businesses (MROs), has renewed its partnership with Robotic Skies, a global marketplace for drone maintenance services, to support a next-generation aviation sector: Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The continuing partnership positions Constant Aviation and Robotic Skies at the forefront of these fast-emerging markets.

“Constant Aviation has been an authorized UAS service center since 2017, and we are proud to support the market for this emerging technology through our partnership with Robotic Skies,” said Kent Stauffer, Vice President of Quality, Safety and Technical Programs, Constant Aviation. “We see an important role for both established MROs such as Constant Aviation and newer, dedicated drone service companies such as Robotic Skies, and look forward to working with our new partners to serve these dynamic sectors of aviation.”

Constant Aviation is well-positioned to support UAS with a broad range of experience in aviation systems and aircraft. The company services business and commercial aviation sectors in the United States and foreign markets with expertise in composite repair, paint, fabrication, FAA parts manufacturing authority, harness and wiring, dedicated engineering, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) capabilities and technical instruction. Constant Aviation also has one of the nation’s largest aircraft-on-ground (AOG) mobile fleets that can repair drones wherever they may be and has expansive capabilities in other emerging technologies such as electric vertical takeoff and landing craft (eVTOLs).

“Constant is committed to being on the forefront of emerging technology arenas such as UAS and eVTOLs. So much so that we have dedicated significant resources towards these platforms to include adding even more FAA-authorized capabilities to our repair station certificates, with the express purpose of working tip-to-tail on all-composite aircraft and vehicles,” said David H. Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Constant Aviation. “Emerging technologies such as UAS and eVTOLs require specific expertise that is often not aligned with standard repair station capabilities and issued ratings. To that end, we’ve focused a great deal on expanding our composite and electrical troubleshooting/install capabilities to levels rarely found in Part 145 repair stations. That, combined with our already well-established and proven engineering and manufacturing processes, will allow us to be an industry leader in this arena.”

Founded in 2014, Robotic Skies has more than 230 independently owned and operated FAA Part 145 repair stations in its 50-country network. With network members such as Constant Aviation, Robotic Skies field service programs are flexible, scalable and can meet any maintenance-related regulatory requirements for complex commercial drone operations such as autonomous package delivery and beyond line-of-sight missions.

“We work with our commercial UAS manufacturing partners to develop maintenance programs using similar methodology as traditional aviation,” said Brad Hayden, founder and CEO, Robotic Skies. “Continued airworthiness is a new concept for the drone industry. However, this shift in thinking is key to moving forward in the reality that commercial drones are aircraft operating in the National Airspace alongside incumbent flight operations. The coming regulatory guidance will establish structure for shared safety and performance standards and help the drone industry reach its potential. I look forward to continuing our work with partners such as Constant Aviation to apply our collective aviation expertise towards an exciting new aviation market.”

Through Hayden’s membership in numerous industry groups including the Federal Aviation Administration Drone Advisory Committee, he helps to develop guidance to accelerate commercial drone use and the burgeoning Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) market. The FAA also is addressing drone safety and integrity through a UAS Type Certification process similar to those for traditional aircraft.

“Commercial drone technology is developing quickly alongside the infrastructure and regulatory environments needed for their safe and efficient operation,” said Stauffer. “Along with FAA UAS Type Certification will come the responsibility of commercial drone operators to have their maintenance, repair and overhaul needs fulfilled by appropriately rated FAA repair stations or personnel. We and our partners at Robotic Skies will be there to advocate for and serve the manufacturers, operators, shippers and passengers in these industries, and look forward to their development.”

About Robotic Skies, Inc.

Robotic Skies serves the commercial drone and advanced air mobility industry with professional maintenance, inspection, and repair services through its network of over 230 quality-controlled Service Centers across 50 countries. Our turnkey field service programs are flexible, scalable and meet any maintenance-related regulatory requirement for complex commercial drone operations like autonomous package delivery and beyond-line-of-sight missions. For more information, visit

About Constant Aviation

Constant Aviation specializes in aircraft and engine maintenance, major repairs, avionics, interiors and paint. In addition, it offers mobile response services through its AOG division, and accessory and composite services through its Nextant Aerospace division. With more than 15 years of expertise in a comprehensive array of business jet airframes, Constant Aviation has raised the bar in aircraft maintenance expectations by focusing on quality, always. In 2021, Constant Aviation became the official aircraft maintenance and AOG support of the NHRA and the title sponsor of the NHRA Factory Stock Showdown class. For more information, visit

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