Delta Drone International adds Corteva to growing multi-national customer base with agri-tech deal

Drones-as-a-service provider Delta Drone International (ASX:DLT) has secured a contract with major producer of seeds for agriculture, Corteva Agriscience RSA (Pty) Ltd (Corteva) in South Africa, adding to the Company’s growing multi-national customer base.

The eight-month, fixed-term contract, worth A$150,000 was signed after Delta Drone International successfully provided its leading drones-as-a-service capabilities across several ad-hoc agriculture projects for the conglomerate over the last two years. There are no termination provisions other than standard clauses for non-performance.

Delta Drone International will provide a full-time specialist agriculture drone pilot to deploy state-of-the-art agriculture-specific drones to capture a range of vital data including plant analytics to ensure maximum yield for crops such as maize, soybeans and sunflowers for Pioneer Seed RSA (“Pioneer®“), a subsidiary of Corteva,

Delta Drone International CEO, Christopher Clark said:

“Obtaining the data required to assess crop health in a timely manner has historically been a challenge for the agriculture sector. With our fleet of state-of-the-art agriculture-specific drones and drone pilots who specialize in flying in agricultural settings, we can more accurately obtain the data and provide it to customers much faster so they can take more effective action to maximize yields.”

“Moving from ad-hoc contracts to a fixed-term contract with Pioneer® demonstrates the value our expert knowledge of the agriculture sector combined with the latest aerial data capture technologies provides, enabling them to focus on core business operations.”

“We look forward to working with Pioneer® and showing them the magnitude of ways our drones
can be used to enhance agriculture operations.”

About Delta Drone International
Delta Drone International is a multinational drone-based data service and technology solutions provider for the mining, agricultural and engineering industries. It provides aerial surveying and mapping, security and surveillance, and blast monitoring and fragment analysis through a fully-outsourced service with AI and fast data turnaround that allows enterprise customers to focus on operations on the ground while Delta Drone International takes care of everything in the air.

It has in-house enabling proprietary technology, an R&D and integration center and specialist expertise in designing, developing and providing best-in-class autonomous safety systems for commercial drone deliveries, drone flights for crowd monitoring and in urban areas, as well as ‘beyond visual line of sight’ (BVLOS) missions.
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