Airspace Link Announces Partnership with the City of Las Vegas

Airspace Link, Inc., a leading provider of drone mapping and solution software, announced it will be partnering with the City of Las Vegas to launch its new FLYSAFE program, powered by the AirHub™ platform. This program will enable drones operating in the city to fly safer today while paving the way for advanced commercial operations at scale.  

The FLYSAFE program will bring the digital infrastructure required for drones to operate safer along with actionable insights for the city to prepare for the forecasted increase in this space. Airspace Link will work with the City of Las Vegas to integrate their local geospatial information into the AirHub™ platform to ensure the most up to date datasets regarding the city’s critical assets and infrastructure are surfaced. This will enable drone pilots to be aware of potential hazards and risks so they can plan and execute safer missions.

Airspace Link is also an FAA-approved provider of Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC), enabling drone pilots to obtain authorizations for flights within controlled airspace through the AirHub™ platform. The AirHub™ platform combines the FAA’s rules and regulations of the airspace, the City’s own local advisories and ground-based infrastructure datasets, and Airspace Link’s additional risk datasets and scoring models, to ensure safer and compliant drone flights.

The City of Las Vegas is the first city in Nevada intending to launch this program and will see an increase in safety for both drone operators and its residents at launch, while setting the city up to be an ideal region for future innovation in this rapidly growing industry. Las Vegas is no stranger to leading the way in innovation, opening their own Innovation Center in 2019 and consistently launching programs to fuel advancement in a variety of industries. “Though this partnership with Airspace Link, we will be able to increase safety for residents and pilots in the near term while providing the safety and advanced infrastructure necessary to incentivize businesses to choose Las Vegas as one of the first cities to implement drone delivery programs and other advanced air mobility solutions in the future.” Says Michael Sherwood, CIO for the City of Las Vegas.

The AirHub™ platform will help also help determine the safest, most efficient pickup/drop-off locations and routes for drones to operate, unleashing the full potential of package delivery for a variety of use cases while ensuring safety is at the forefront. “The use cases for advanced drone capabilities go beyond just receiving a package you ordered from a nearby restaurant or convenience store. We’ve partnered with companies in this space to facilitate advanced solutions like organ delivery and COVID 19 test kit deliveries. With our digital infrastructure, we provide insight into the safest and most efficient routes. The AirHub™ platform gives pilots a deeper understanding of ground risks, as well as dynamic local advisories allowing us to unlock the potential of these use cases while prioritizing the safety of residents and pilots.” says Lisa Peterson, Airspace Link’s VP of Business Development. “The use cases are only continuing to rise as the industry expands and we’re prepared to help ensure that growth is achieved in a safe and responsible way for everyone involved.”

Airspace Link CEO Michael Healander and VP of Business Development Lisa Peterson will be in Las Vegas for the Commercial UAV Expo on Sep 7-9, where they have both been invited to speak as experts in the drone industry. “We have a long history of building geospatial solutions to address real world challenges and are thrilled to partner with the City of Las Vegas to launch our FLYSAFE program that will make them a city of choice for advanced drone operations.” says Healander.

About Airspace Link, Inc:
Airspace Link’s vision is to create a world where the safe integration of drones fuels human progress, advancing social equity, the environment and the economy. Founded in Detroit in 2018 by CEO Michael Healander, Airspace Link is one of the few FAA Approved UAS Service Suppliers of the Low Altitude Authorization & Notification Capability (LAANC). Airspace Link’s cloud-based platform provides the digital infrastructure required to support the safe use of recreational and commercial drone use in communities at scale, supporting the growth of drone operations, drone service providers, drone manufacturers, package delivery and air taxi deployment in the future.

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