DroneShield announces the release of its latest product CompassOne

DroneShield Ltd is pleased to announce the release of its latest product, CompassOne, the next generation self-contained navigation solution for fixed site, vehicle and marine applications. 

The device provides real-time military-grade location, orientation and direction sensing for deployed static and on-the-go assets. CompassOne is compatible with various global navigation satellite systems, ensuring uninterrupted operation. The device can be used both in C-UAS, and general situations requiring satellite navigation.

With a strong focus on durability and ruggedness, CompassOne is suitable for installation and operation in harsh environments. Military-grade connectors and high-end stainless-steel hardware ensure uninterrupted connection and protection from the elements, while the aluminium underside provides exceptional impact resistance and rigidity while keeping overall weight low.

CompassOne can operate stand alone or integrate seamlessly with DroneShield’s DroneSentry system. Power over Ethernet reduces cable clutter and VESA compatibility makes CompassOne easy to integrate into new or existing systems. Installation is clear and fast with status LEDs, installation graphics and tool-less fasteners.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, commented, “CompassOne, with its ruggedness and incorporation of advanced technologies, integrates seamlessly within DroneShield’s product ecosystem, and equally with third party systems as a stand-alone product.  Its accurate navigation is substantially superior to other systems on the market globally.”

The product is expected to be of interest to both counterdrone and other customers requiring a rugged navigation solution. 

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