DRONEFLYcompletes the Development of Flight Trackers

 KYON Corporation (project “DRONEFLY) has completed its development of “Flight Tracker” system, which gathers flight information of drones including flight time, speed, location, and flight route.

DRONEFLY, a blockchain project developed for managing flight experience verification, has announced that the project has completed its development of Flight Tracker–RFI device that collects real-time flight information–on the day of the press release. Flight Tracker is one of the businesses in “Blockchain-based Flight Information Verification System Development,” which is led by the “Land, Infrastructure and Transport Technology Promotion Research Project.” This development of the beta version of this device has been completed in the 2nd Quarter of 2021. On the 11th of August, demonstration performance of the device was completed and optimization and final product was completed on 18th of August. AI and Blockchain-based real-time tracking and flight experience verification systems will be added to the device in the near future.

Flight Tracker was developed with the help of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, which took 12 months for development. Verification of flight experience and flight career has always been a problem; however, thanks to Flight Tracker, verification issue is not a problem anymore. By mounting a Flight Tracker device to drones, gathered information is encrypted and integrated with the blockchain system, which will make tampering nearly impossible. Therefore, the flight experience information of the drones provided by this system have become reliable.

An official from the DRONEFLY project has quoted, “Flight Tracker will become the black box for drones; within 2-3 years, we expect mounting Flight Trackers to all drones to become mandatory. We will grow into the core of the 4th industrial revolution by cooperating with the domestic and overseas drone developer and drone institutes.”

The DRONEFLY team has built four different types of business platforms on the basis of KDMS participation and reward system. The portal website of these platform services is called SKYWORK and the services are namely – Education Matching Platform, Job Matching Platform, Market platform and Sharing Platform with rental services. These business aids are organically connected to one another and will enable the team to embrace diverse demands related to drones.

Other than its incredible drone-related business assistance, the platform also has devised it’s token model in such a way that all participants can easily remain active and earn rewards in various ways. DRONEFLY is to be used as a basic medium of exchange within the DRONEFLY ecosystem. It is listed on the cryptocurrency markets, and can be used as a store of value. DRONEFLY token is constantly used and recycled within the ecosystem.

For more information visit http://www.kyon.io/ 

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