AeroDefense Participates in NYC Dense Urban Environment Drone Detection Experiment

AeroDefense was invited to provide its mobile drone detection capabilities in October 2020 at the US ARMY Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) in Partnership with the New York Police Department – Subterranean/Dense Urban Community of Practice: Counter Unmanned Aircraft System Materiel Experiment in Lower Manhattan.

Dense Urban Environments (DUEs) challenge drone detection systems due to heavy Radio Frequency (RF) traffic and large obstructions. Complex structures that cause signal multipath and blockage issues necessitate high placement of equipment and typically cause radar systems to fail. Hardware must be discreet and easily portable as the area of protection can suddenly change in real-world scenarios.

AeroDefense tested its RF-based AirWarden system temporary/portable and vehicle-based sensors that operate while in motion. AeroDefense did not know in advance flight paths, launch locations, or the type or number of drones to be flown and only knew the designated protection area. The host agencies used several different drones which varied in size. One was custom built and several were fit with 3D printed boxes to mimic a payload.

The host agencies have published a detailed report that explains how the AirWarden system performed during the experiment with flight by flight analysisFederal, state, and local government agencies can request access to the report. Please email for instructions.

Linda Ziemba, Founder and CEO of AeroDefense, said, “Our AirWarden system, developed in New York metro, has been deployed in a high RF stadium environment since 2018 and had previously proven effective in New York City’s Times Square, so we felt very confident going into the experiment. The AirWarden system’s ability to compete with all the RF noise and operate in motion, coupled with its ruggedized and compact hardware design make it a very unique and practical solution for DUEs.”

About AeroDefense: AeroDefense offers fixed and mobile drone detection solutions for stadiums, airports, correctional facilities, military forces, and other critical infrastructure. AeroDefense’s patented Radio Frequency (RF) based drone detection system, AirWarden, detects, classifies, locates, and tracks both drone and pilot simultaneously, providing actionable intelligence to respond effectively (and safely) to drone threats. Because the AirWarden system passively detects drone signals via RF spectrum sensing, it recognizes devices it has not seen before, unlike systems reliant on signature databases, and does not violate federal criminal surveillance laws. Based in Oceanport, NJ, AeroDefense is privately held with all engineering, manufacturing, and support based in the US. The AirWarden system is the first and only drone detection solution to receive the Department of Homeland Security Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation.

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