Dragonfly flying cell tower provides connectivity to the National Guard during Exercise PATRIOT 21

Spooky Action Inc. and Wisconsin Telelift Inc (WiscLift) are excited to announce successful flight operations of the Dragonfly Flying Cell Tower at Exercise PATRIOT 21 at Volk Field, on June 14-17.

Dragonfly is a hardened version of the Spooky Action Telelift UAV, which has been used for event and disaster response communications globally. Wisclift, in conjunction with Air Force Research Lab, has integrated this system into command and control vehicles for rapid deployment. Dragonfly provides the fastest post-disaster response capability on the market and allows first responders to establish connectivity in a disaster zone within hours.

The National Guard’s PATRIOT exercise demonstrates response readiness for domestic operations, including natural disasters and civil disturbances, and was a valuable testbed for the capabilities of Dragonfly. At the exercise, Dragonfly was able to provide Verizon network capability to first responders, connected with Satellite-based backhaul via a DH Wireless Portable Data Network. “These exercises prove and optimize the ability of the National Guard to respond alongside state and local emergency responders, while successfully partnering with industry,” says WiscLift founder Scott “LB” Williams. The AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program is responsible for bringing innovative commercial technologies like Telelift into formal military programs like Project Dragonfly. It was the only commercial drone platform authorized to fly at the event.

Rahul Tiwari, CEO of Spooky Action, notes, “We are excited to support Wisclift and the Air Force in their effort to provide rapid-deployable communications to US and Allied armed forces. The fact that Dragonfly was able to provide immediate connectivity in an operational deadzone is a testament to the success of the operation and the working relationships that Exercise PATRIOT fosters.”

About WiscLift: WiscLift is a Wisconsin-based company with the expertise and association to develop & capture the rapidly emerging dynamic network market. WiscLift leverages its reach to provide local manufacturing, sales, service, application, and upfitment of Spooky Action’s Telelift System.
Website: https://wisclift.com/

About Spooky Action: Spooky Action is a Minnesota-based robotics company that builds flying cell towers. Their flagship product, Telelift, has been deployed globally for disaster and event connectivity by the leading global network operators.
Website: https://spookyactionrobotics.com/telelift/

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