Flyingbasket’s project in southern Bavaria

FlyingBasket is an Italian company based in the Alps, founded in 2015. The company has  become one of the leading companies in the commercial cargo drone industry, due to its design, production and operation of cargo drones, such as the FB3 cargo drone, with a load capacity of up to 100kg. At the moment, FlyingBasket is already operating commercially on projects such as: mountain shelter supply delivery, transportation of tools for energy companies, telecommunication antenna mounting, reforestation missions and many more to come. Being a European operator with international experience,  the mission of FlyingBasket is to be the worldwide leader in cargo drones for safety-critical operations.

FB3 Cargo Drone and tree planting in Southern Bavaria

FlyingBasket obtained cross-border operation authorization by the Federal Aviation Office in Germany for the operation of transportation of 2.000 young trees. The transportation took place near the valley of Aschau, Southern Bavaria. The drone delivered trees to 18 planting locations up in the mountains near the famous Kampenwand. With the help and guidance of experienced forestry professionals from BaySF, all the trees got transported safely to the pertinent locations defining the operation a success. 

The project was carried out by the FB3 cargo drone, given its capacity of carrying heavy payloads under the strictest safety measures. Its redundant construction and robust design make the FB3 suitable for transportation and many other types of applications,  such as civil protection, cable stretching, monitoring and many other customized  services.

Equipped with Veronte Autopilot

The FB3 is equipped with Embention’s Veronte Autopilot, a high reliability autopilot developed according to the DO178C and DO254 standards from manned aviation.  Embention is a leading company in the UAV industry, with 15 years of experience in the development of autopilots and components for UAVs and ready to fly drones for  professional and military applications. 

The embedded Veronte Autopilot, designed and manufactured under the strictest safety and quality standards, ensures the FB3 cargo drone multiple levels of redundancy and high reliability. The aircraft control and safety aspects enabled by the Veronte Autopilot is the perfect solution for operations of multiple applications. “At Embention we believe that the implementation of drones has a positive impact on society, helping to improve the efficiency of various day-to-day activities and services”, said Javier Espuch, Business  Development Manager at Embention.

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