Apellix™ Delighted to be Named a World Changing Idea of 2021

Apellix, an innovative aerial robotics technology company, has been named a World Changing Idea for 2021 by Fast Company.

Jacksonville, Florida…June 22, 2021 – Apellix, protecting the world’s built and industrial environments through aerial robotic technology, is celebrating being named a World Changing Idea of 2021 by Fast Company. Apellix has created and is continuing to improve aerial robotic systems used in the war on corrosion that can prepare surfaces for coating/painting, apply the coatings, and monitor the coating job and the condition. We’ve done that by combining industrial robots, such as those used for high endurance, speed, and precision manufacturing, with an industrial drone and creating the software to autonomously operate the system.

What we do at Apellix changes lives – workers’ lives, and the lives of those in our communities. Our aerial robotic systems are reducing occupational hazards and making working at heights safer. We are saving tax dollars for the corrosion management of public assets, such as highway bridges and battleships, and saving private dollars on the protection of buildings, ships, storage tanks, oil rigs, and more.

One example of the innovative use of the Apellix technology is the Apellix Project Breathe which aspires to use tethered drones to spray paint a NASA-developed compound that removes smog and pollution from the air on US Highway noise barriers. Not only is clean air important to the earth, smog is one of the world’s biggest human health problems responsible for 3.4 million deaths worldwide each year.

For more information, please see the Apellix Blog at https://www.apellix.com/blog-apellix-names-world-changing-idea-of-2021

About Apellix
Apellix, an early-stage software company based in Jacksonville, Florida, has developed an aerial robotic platform with patented software and sensor arrays and controlled precision flight to complete a wide range of tasks currently too expensive or too dangerous to otherwise perform. Video examples of Apellix drones at work can be on the Apellix Website. www.Apellix.com

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