Digiland and Airwayz form strategic partnership to advance drone fleet management

AI-based Flight System and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM or “U-space”) specialist Airwayz Drones Ltd has announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with Digiland Pte Ltd: a financing, operations, technology, security and governance provider based in Singapore. Collectively, the parties are to advance ready-to-deploy drone fleet management solutions and services – the first in the world with Artificial Intelligence – to governments, authorities, companies and individuals.

Henry Teh, President and CEO of Digiland Pte Ltd., comments that, “Airwayz’ proposition is unmatched in the industry so far. Managing multiple fleets of drones with the ability to make decisions either on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Service Suppliers (USS) or at the UTM level makes for much safer autonomous management of airspace. We’re looking forward to further investment and enhanced working with Airwayz, for more complementary and sustainable digital solutions that are more customer-centric and easy-to-access, that are safe, friendly and secure for users.”

“From inspection applications within airports, seaports and train ports to surveillance for security and mapping for destination development, there are many branches of the Digiland business that could leverage Airwayz UTM and flight systems,” adds Eyal Zor, CEO and Co-Founder of Airwayz. “Digiland is a forward-thinking company. Together we can reduce manpower requirements, costs, carbon emissions, and business risk while improving operational efficiency and compliance across many parts of the business.”

For more information www.airwayz.co

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