Black Light Joins the Microdrones Distributor Network to Provide Drone Surveying Equipment in Romania

–Black Light, established in 1992, is a Romanian geomatics consulting, software, and equipment provider who will now be an official distributor of Microdrones integrated systems, offering drone surveying products and solutions to their surveying, engineering, architectural, and construction clients throughout Romania.

Available immediately, Black Light is offering Microdrones Integrated Systems that come with everything a commercial user needs to get started using drones for surveying and mapping – the UAV, the sensors, and the software and hardware.

The Managing Director of Black Light, Claudiu TOMA, indicates it is important to continually provide state-of-the-art and high-precision technologies. “Black Light always strives to stay ahead of the market and bring an air of novelty to customers,” says Claudiu. “We see our partnership with Microdrones as an innovative opportunity to provide the best drone surveying equipment, software, and solutions. The unique model of Microdrones as a Service, will also allow our clients to affordably adopt drone surveying tools into their workflow, and help grow their business.”

With over 28 years of experience in the field of geodesy and topographic measurements, Black Light has developed a strong network of customers and a great reputation as high quality solutions and equipment provider, trusted by professionals worldwide. Irene Jimenez, the southwestern European sales manager for Microdrones, commends the work from the Black Light Team.

“I see great added value in adding Black Light to our distributor network,” Jimenez explains, “because they provide continuous service beyond the sale. They are known for educating their customers on the complete workflow of new technologies and will assist their clients on using
our drone systems to complement and enhance new and existing projects.”

Black Light is focused on information technology that captures, measures, and visualizes data used in various fields of activity such as: Geodesy, Topography, Engineering, GIS, Cartography, Construction, Architecture, Scanning and 3D Modeling, Photogrammetry and more.

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