ANAVIA launches first unmanned helicopter

With the HT-100, ANAVIA has developed the most advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system in the world. An unmanned helicopter for up to 65 kg of payload and 240 minutes of flight time. It’s the new benchmark in safety, performance and ease of operation.

ANAVIA was established in 2019 as a business unit of the CONNOVA Group, a leading global developer and manufacturer of high-tech carbon composite products for the aero-space industry and motor racing sector.

With the HT-100, ANAVIA has succeeded in creating a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) system that combines a high payload with a long range and ease of operation. With its innovation, the Aargau-based aviation company is targeting customers in the fields of surveying, surveillance, logistics, future markets, search and rescue, defense and agriculture, for which flight
missions are indispensable.

Long flight times (240 minutes), high payload capacity (up to 65 kg), back-up motor and intelligent redundancy systems, intuitive controls, easy mission programming, rapid launch readiness, long maintenance intervals, many equipment options – the helicopter’s list of the special features is long.
The low flight and maintenance costs and high compatibility with the most common sensor and payload systems for a wide range of uses make the HT-100 an economical alternative to conventional helicopters.

In addition to the production and sale of the HT-100, ANAVIA also takes care of the training and maintenance of the system. Our certified experts train customers to carry out their missions autonomously and with maximum precision and safety, as well as to maintain the modules themselves.
ANAVIA also handles the servicing, inspections and potential repairs, including the procurement of spare parts, and thus offers comprehensive customer service. With the HT-100, ANAVIA is entering the growing UAV market at exactly the right moment. The brilliantly engineered, state-of-the-art complete system impresses with its reliability, ease of operation,
efficiency and modular concept and is sure to be flying important missions around the world quite soon.

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