Drone Delivery Canada nominated to Canadian drone advisory committee (CanaDAC)

Drone Delivery Canada Corp. is pleased to announce it has been selected as a member of Transport Canada’s newly formed Canadian Drone Advisory Committee (“CanaDAC”).   DDC will be represented on the committee by Mr. Mark Wuennenberg, the Company’s Vice President Regulatory Affairs.

CanaDAC will provide a national forum for industry and other key stakeholders to inform priority government policy and regulatory areas of focus for Transport Canada and advance Canada’s thinking on remotely piloted aircraft systems (“RPAS”), more complex beyond visual line-of-sight operations and increasingly automated aircraft.

The committee will focus on topics that pertain to the continued integration of RPAS into the Canadian economy, new ways to use RPAS, and what government and industry needs to do to prepare for these changes.

“We applaud Transport Canada’s innovation, collaboration and proactive approach to steering the future of the drone industry in Canada.  DDC has a history of supportive ongoing relationships with regulators in Canada, the United States and internationally.  As a leader in the drone delivery space, we appreciate the opportunity to continue to work with key agencies to shape the industry,” said Michael Zahra, President & CEO Drone Delivery Canada Corp.

About Drone Delivery Canada Corp.

Drone Delivery Canada Corp. is an ISO 9001 certified,  award-winning drone technology company focused on the design, development, and implementation of its proprietary logistics software platform, using drones. The Company’s platform will be used as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for government and corporate organizations globally.

Drone Delivery Canada Corp. is a publicly listed company trading on the TSX.V Exchange under the symbol FLT, on the U.S. OTCQX market under the symbol TAKOF and on the Frankfurt exchange in Germany under the symbol A2AMGZ or ABB.F .

Read more about the Company at: www.DroneDeliveryCanada.com

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