Easy Aerial Ground Station Achieves MIL-STD-810G Certification

Easy Aerial, a leading provider of autonomous drone-in-a-box based inspection, monitoring, and surveillance solutions, announced today that its Easy Guard ground station has received its certification of Military Standard Specification MIL-STD 810G.  Easy Guard is a smart, independent aircraft hangar for takeoff, landing and charging. It features an automated roof opening and closing system and is made from military-grade materials, rendering it mobile, rugged and weather resilient. Easy Guard’s size and weight allow it to be rapidly mobilized and deployed from stationary and mobile launch sites, such as a standard pickup truck or other vehicle configuration, traveling up to 25 miles per hour. The ground station comes equipped with numerous sensors and four external cameras for situational awareness of the deployment site.

Established by the United States Air Force after World War II, MIL-STD-810 certification provides a formal methodology for testing equipment under simulated environmental conditions to ensure that all equipment used by the military can fully operate in a variety of harsh conditions including extreme temperatures, pressures, shocks, and radiation. MIL-STD-810 Revision G is the latest and most rigorous evolution of the standard to date.

To achieve its certification, an Easy Guard was subjected to a range of independent field tests running from October 2020 through January 2021. Conducted by E-Labs Inc., a full-service climate testing laboratory specializing in aerospace and military equipment, the simulations tested the Easy Guard’s ability to withstand radiation (1,100 W/m2), long-term sun exposure (temperatures of over 130F), humidity (50% RH), and hurricane and sandstorm force winds (40 MPH). Multiple test cycles were conducted in both operating and storage/ transportation, non-operating conditions. Not only did Easy Guard pass all these tests, it did so with zero abnormal findings – surpassing all expectations. 

“In an era where safety and reliability are non-negotiable, we take great pride in the fact that not only do we offer state-of-the-art security technologies but that this technology is backed by hardware with a proven track record for withstanding even the harshest environments,” said Easy Aerial CTO Ivan Stamatovski. 

Easy Aerial has experienced a dramatic increase in demand for its expanding line of ISO9001-certified free-flight, tethered, and hybrid drone systems. The company expects this trend to continue with the addition of Easy Guard MIL-STD-810G certification. 

“With this superb achievement, Easy Aerial continues to revolutionize and set the standard for the drone-in-a-box industry by delivering robust and reliable products that fulfill an increasing demand for high endurance autonomous, drone-based, monitoring and surveillance systems for military and commercial customers around the world,” said Ido Gur, CEO of Easy Aerial.

About Easy Aerial

Easy Aerial is a leading provider of autonomous drone-based monitoring solutions for commercial, government, and military applications. Developed, patented and manufactured in the United States, Easy Aerial’s unique free-flight, tethered and hybrid drone-in-a-box systems are fully autonomous, modular, portable, and rugged, with the ability to operate in the most adverse weather conditions. They can be deployed anywhere for many mission-critical applications such as perimeter and border security, event monitoring, first responder support, agriculture monitoring, and industrial inspection without the need for a human operator. The company’s customer base includes military, government, aerospace, transportation and commercial organizations, with systems operating worldwide. Easy Aerial was founded in 2015 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, with regional offices in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and Belgrade, Serbia.

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