Multi Konsultindo Jaya to Distribute Drone Surveying Equipment from Microdrones in Indonesia

Multi Konsultindo Jaya, located in Sleman, Yogyakarta, a consulting, surveying, and mapping service provider since 2011, has partnered with Microdrones as an authorized distributor of drone surveying equipment throughout Indonesia.

As a Microdrones distributor, Multi Konsultindo Jaya will offer Microdrones Integrated Systems that come with everything a commercial user needs to get started using drones for surveying and mapping – the UAV, the sensors, and the software and hardware.

Mr. Suranto, the Managing Director for Multi Konsultindo said they signed on as a new distributor because Microdrones is widely recognized for its LiDAR technology leadership. “We feel that the fully integrated systems from Microdrones can meet and surpass our customer needs in remote sensing research, survey, construction, engineering, and geomatics,” said Suranto.

“I’m convinced that the mdLiDAR systems are going to help grow the drone market here in Indonesia where there is a high demand for the technology.”

Syamsul Bahri, the Microdrones regional sales manager for Australasia, anticipates great potential in this new partnership. “Working with the experienced surveyors at Multi Konsultindo Jaya is a big advantage for customers,” Bahri explains. “They go above and beyond in their quest for customer satisfaction and service.

Their experience and know-how will demonstrate how users can take advantage of drone surveying equipment from Microdrones to become more efficient and profitable.”

With over 10 years of experience Multi Konsultindo Jaya continues to meet the needs of surveying and mapping professionals providing services such as topography, creation of GPS / GNSS Benchmarks, bathymetry, small format aerial photographs, and other non-construction services. They also have training facilities and experienced teaching staff in the geospatial field to provide extended customer support.

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About Microdrones

Microdrones grew out of the collaboration between the German inventor of the world’s first commercial quadcopter and a determined surveying payload and software developer in North America. The result is a global aerial mapping technology company that delivers complete and reliable mapping systems specifically developed for the surveying, mining, construction, oil & gas, and precision agriculture industries.

Microdrones Integrated Systems are industrial tools addressing specific complex mapping challenges for professional customers, relying on a fully integrated geospatial workflow that enables cutting-edge software technology from Microdrones to transform raw data collected in the field by Microdrones survey equipment into valuable high-quality survey-grade data. Microdrones is widely recognized for its LiDAR technology leadership.

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