Sports Data Labs, Inc. Announces Issuance of U.S. Patent Covering a UAV Based System for Collecting and Distributing Biological Sensor Data for Humans and other Animals

Sports Data Labs, Inc. (SD Labs), an award-winning leader in AI-based collection, analysis and distribution of real-time human data from on-body sensors and sensing systems, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the company U.S. Patent No. 10,980,218 covering a novel unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-based system for collecting, analyzing, and distributing biological sensor data from humans and other animals.

Operable as a remote data collection, analytics and transmission hub within communication networks, SD Labs’ issued patent enables automation of UAV-to-sensor communication while streamlining the selection and use of UAVs within a network, which can include non-UAV based communication infrastructure. The patent also covers real-time communication with, and control of, any number of sensors on any number of persons/animals, and has wide-ranging applications in sports, fitness, military, healthcare, insurance, UAV-based first responders, and the like.

“We have been developing novel technology solutions for issues foundational to the collection, analysis, and distribution of sensor data from on-body sensors and other sensing systems,” said Mark Gorski, Co-Inventor and CEO of SD Labs, the assignee of U.S. Patent No. 10,980,218. “We have prioritized establishing a long-term, highly-scalable value proposition in the remote health monitoring ecosystem and are thrilled to have been issued this patent, which we believe will fuel the expansion of sensor-based data collection and distribution opportunities in a variety of high-growth verticals.”

“This is a major milestone for SD Labs that confirms that our proprietary methodologies and systems are unique and differentiated from other product offerings in the sensor ecosystem,” said Vivek Khare, Co-Inventor and SD Labs’ Head of Technology. “While applications of our technology are broad, we see tremendous value for multi-sensor, multi-person use cases – including large groups of people or animals – where real-time, two-way communication with any number of sensors is required. As the UAV and sensor spaces continue to grow, we believe our IP will be foundational to help unlock the value of sensor data.”

“Protecting our intellectual property is a top priority for the company,” said Stan Mimoto, Co-Inventor and President, SD Labs. “We are very excited about the future of SD Labs, our foundational role in the health & wellness ecosystem, and the defensibility of our offering.”

About Sports Data Labs, Inc.

SD Labs provides technology that enables interoperability of sensors and sensing systems, while using artificial intelligence to transform collected data into metrics, insights and predictions for various real-time and on-demand use cases. SD Labs also provides data acquisition and monetization solutions for buyers and sellers of health data through its proprietary Human Data Marketplace™.

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